Adult Evening & Online

Alverno’s Adult Evening & Online program is designed to help you earn a college degree in a marketable field while working full-time, tending to family needs, or pursuing other interests. Whether you choose to major in business or communication studies, or bring your existing credits to an interdisciplinary degree, you get the best of our world-renowned ability-based curriculum, our outstanding faculty, and our extensive student support services, including academic assistance, professional advisors, financial aid advisors, career research librarians, counseling services, career support, and technical support.

Along with learning in your major, throughout the curriculum you find a strong focus on developing your leadership skills in order to enhance your professional performance to meet your career goals. In addition, you have the opportunity to explore areas outside your discipline through electives, including short-term travel courses. Our goal is to make sure that you develop the expertise to soar in the field you choose.

The one-night-a-week hybrid format offers you the opportunity to complete a degree in four years — or sooner, if you accelerate with summer courses and transfer credits. Classes meet in-person on Wednesday evenings, or are held fully online. Each course is 4 credits and meets for eight weeks, so it is possible for you to take two courses concurrently for two consecutive eight-week sessions in order to complete 16 credit hours each semester. This format provides you frequent contact with your professors and classmates while allowing you the independence to work online during the hours you have available.

At Alverno, we value what you have accomplished before you come to us, so we accept most transfer credit and can award Credit for Prior Learning (CPL). Your admissions counselor and academic advisor work with you to make the most of what you already know and can do.

Nationally Acclaimed Curriculum

  • National publications and organizations have rated Alverno as an exceptional education with a unique commitment to student success.
  • Alverno’s ability-based curriculum enables students to advance on two fronts, both in knowledge of their chosen discipline and in eight key abilities critical to the application of their knowledge in work and life.
  • Projects, research papers, and presentations help students gain experience in communication, analysis, problem solving, and other areas pertinent to career advancement.
  • Assessment is a powerful learning tool that, through detailed feedback, helps students know how to apply knowledge to real-life situations.
  • Instead of grades, students receive thorough feedback on their strengths and areas needing improvement.

Campus Environment

  • Alverno’s Adult Evening & Online program provides a complete collegiate experience.
  • Small classes guarantee individual student attention from faculty.
  • Networking opportunities are often available through special speakers, through an array of campus organizations available to students, and in ongoing classes.
  • Free and ample parking is available on campus.

Services and Resources

Extensive support services and resources are available to all Adult Evening & Online students:

  • Library
  • Financial Aid Office
  • Student Affairs
  • Business Office
  • Academic Advising Office
  • Career and Professional Development Center
  • Media Hub
  • Computer Center
  • Instructional Services
  • Tutoring and study groups
  • Communication Resource Center
  • Daniel M. Soref Science and Mathematics Learning Resource Center
  • English as a second language services
  • Access for students with disabilities
  • Dining Services
  • A-Store

For more information about Alverno’s Adult Evening & Online program, visit the Alverno website at, call 414-382-6100 or 800-933-3401, or email