Business Major in Adult, Evening, and Online Program

In the workplace, you’ll find yourself collaborating in teams, leading independent projects, working online, and partnering with colleagues, customers, and stakeholders. At Alverno, that’s how learning happens too.
As a business major, you’ll build critical knowledge and abilities in the classroom, while sharing perspectives with other students and instructors. From there, the learning extends into faculty-guided online learning and projects with local organizations, businesses, and Alverno’s community partners.

Outcomes for the Adult Evening and Online Business Major

Entrepreneurial Careering

The student discerns, plans for and conveys an adaptable and ethical professional identity and competence. (valuing, analysis)

Critical Thinking

The student uses discipline models and theories to analyze the interdependence among systems, organizations and events. (analysis, communications, quantitative literacy)


The student uses team and organizational skills to work effectively with diverse individuals, teams and organizational units to meet stakeholder and organizational needs. (social interaction)

Decision Making

The student applies business and management principles to develop and deliver quality products and services. (problem solving, effective citizenship)

Leadership Courses
LDR-150Women's Histry, Women's Leadership4
LDR-250Leading Effective Teams4
LDR-300Building Career: Leadership Context 14
LDR-400Building Career: Leadership Context 24
General Education Requirements
GEAC-151AEO Social Interaction Assessment0
GEB-150Learning, Edu & Training/Digital Era4
GECM-135Communication Ability Seminar 14
GEQL-130Quantitative Literacy in Women's Lives4
GEQL-160Making Meaning With Data4
GEA-200Creativity Through the Arts4
GECM-235Communication Ability Seminar II4
GES-250The Sciences & Women4
GEH-350Multicultural Societies4
GECM-450Adv Gen Ed Research & Communic Project4
Business Major in AEO
BUS-105Business: Connectng Principles& Practice4
BUS-205Marketing & Creativity4
BUS-225Organizational Leadership4
BUS-230Information Systems4
BUS-235Financial Accounting & Analysis4
BUS-345Managerial Accounting & Decision Making4
BUS-355Principles of Operations Management4
BUS-365Economics & Resources4
BUS-445Managerial Finance4
BUS-450Business Development4
BUS-455Project Management4
BUS-465Global Business Environment4
Take 20 credits of electives20
Total Credits120