Communication major in the Adult, Evening, and Online Program

The paths you can pursue with a degree in Communication are endless. Whether you’re looking to enhance your current position or advance your career in a new direction, you will gain essential knowledge through hands-on, real-world learning.
At Alverno, you’ll balance communication theory with practical spoken, written, and digital communication skills to become an innovative leader in whatever field you choose.

Outcomes for the Adult Evening and Online Communications Major

Rhetorical Sensitivity

Creates and delivers messages that consider audience, context, form, style and intention. Frames and adapts her articulation of events, issues and ideas with awareness of cultural, social and political contexts.

Technological Fluency

Navigates changing technologies to critically analyze and ethically act in response to diverse needs. Applies principles of usability to design and implement applications, processes, products and systems.


Engages multiple imaginative strategies, appropriate technologies and effective communication techniques to express and interpret ideas. Pursues innovative uses for communication and information technologies to create purposeful solutions for individuals and groups.


Applies professional standards and acts with integrity when making decisions and when involving others in new initiatives. Imagines possibilities and pursues independent action to address emergent needs and complex challenges in professional and community contexts.


Demonstrates professionalism, mindfulness and leadership by adapting, integrating and synthesizing her learning in an ever-changing environment. Independently chooses effective learning strategies to develop and modify conceptual frameworks in communication and technology. Demonstrates independence in choosing, developing and modifying communication and technology frameworks.

Leadership Courses
LDR-150Women's Histry, Women's Leadership4
LDR-250Leading Effective Teams4
LDR-300Building Career: Leadership Context 14
LDR-400Building Career: Leadership Context 24
General Education Requirements
GEAC-151AEO Social Interaction Assessment0
GEB-150Learning, Edu & Training/Digital Era4
GECM-135Communication Ability Seminar 14
GEQL-130Quantitative Literacy in Women's Lives4
GEQL-160Making Meaning With Data4
GEA-200Creativity Through the Arts4
GECM-235Communication Ability Seminar II4
GES-250The Sciences & Women4
GEH-350Multicultural Societies4
GECM-450Adv Gen Ed Research & Communic Project4
Communication Major in AEO
CMS-101Introduction to Communication Studies4
CMS-170Visual Literacies4
CMS-200Digital Storytelling4
CMS-220Listening With Intention4
CMS-230Emerging Technologies4
CMS-250Writing for Change4
CMS-320Media Studies4
CMS-340Influence & Advocacy (or CMS Elective)4
CMS-360Argumentation & Logic4
CMS-400Communicating Across Cultures4
CMS-499Communication Studies Capstone4
Take 24 credits of Electives24
Total Credits120