Interdisciplinary Studies Major in Adult, Evening, and Online Program

A degree in Interdisciplinary Studies is a foundation for success in a wide variety of fields. Using your previous studies as a stepping stone, this major offers flexibility and credit for prior learning. As an IDS student, you can take an active role in designing your own education path to meet your career goals.
Students can go on to become leaders in education, business, finance, government, nonprofit organizations, community services, arts and more.

Outcomes for the Adult Evening and Online Interdisciplinary Studies Major

An Alverno student is expected successfully and repeatedly to demonstrate the ability:

  • to use multiple discipline frameworks competently;
  • to be a responsible practitioner in the major;
  • to demonstrate knowledge of and respect for diverse cultures, communities, and societies;
  • to engage in creative strategies for learning;
  • to collaborate effectively with others;
  • to advocate for a point of view;
  • to give evidence of a commitment to lifelong learning; and
  • to use self-reflection as a tool for integration and connection.
Leadership Courses
LDR-150Women's Histry, Women's Leadership4
LDR-250Leading Effective Teams4
LDR-300Building Career: Leadership Context 14
LDR-400Building Career: Leadership Context 24
General Education Courses
GEAC-151AEO Social Interaction Assessment0
GEB-150Learning, Edu & Training/Digital Era4
GECM-135Communication Ability Seminar 14
GEQL-130Quantitative Literacy in Women's Lives4
GEQL-160Making Meaning With Data4
GEA-200Creativity Through the Arts4
GECM-235Communication Ability Seminar II4
GES-250The Sciences & Women4
GEH-350Multicultural Societies4
GECM-450Adv Gen Ed Research & Communic Project4
Students must reach 120 credits
Total Credits52