Degree Completion Programs

Why a Degree Completion Program?

Alverno’s Degree Completion programs offer flexibility for working adults while providing the same high-quality education for which Alverno College is renowned. Classes integrate the best of online learning with critical in-classroom instruction, to bring you hybrid programs that make earning your bachelor’s degree more achievable and realistic than ever before.

Program Highlights

  • Students have the opportunity to expand two-year degrees into bachelor’s degrees (Associate to Bachelor’s in Business; Paraprofessional to Teacher LicensureRN to BSN).
  • Programs can be completed in 18 months.
  • Hybrid model blends online and in-classroom learning.
  • Integrated programs value experiential learning.
  • Earn 36 credits through nine eight-week course blocks.
  • By taking just one course at a time, you can focus more deeply on your learning rather than juggling multiple courses and their demands.
  • Experience the advantage of small classes and full-time, dedicated faculty.
  • Convenient, flexible, and affordable option for working adults.

Nationally Acclaimed Curriculum

  • National publications and organizations have rated Alverno as an exceptional education with a unique commitment to student success.
  • Alverno’s ability-based curriculum enables students to advance on two fronts, both in knowledge of their chosen discipline and in eight key abilities critical to the application of their knowledge in work and life.
  • Projects, research papers, and presentations help students gain experience in communication, analysis, problem solving, and other areas pertinent to career advancement.
  • Assessment is a powerful learning tool that, through detailed feedback, helps students know how to apply knowledge to real-life situations.
  • Instead of grades, students receive thorough feedback on their strengths and areas needing improvement.

Campus Environment

  • Alverno’s Degree Completion programs provide a complete collegiate experience.
  • Small classes guarantee individual student attention from faculty.
  • Networking opportunities are often available through special speakers, through an array of campus organizations available to students, and in ongoing classes.
  • Free and ample parking is available on campus.

Services and Resources

Extensive support services and resources are available to all degree completion students:

  • Library
  • Financial Aid Office
  • Student Affairs
  • Business Office
  • Academic Advising Office
  • Career and Professional Development Center
  • Media Hub
  • Computer Center
  • Instructional Services
    • Tutoring and study groups
    • Communication Resource Center
    • Daniel M. Soref Science and Mathematics Learning Resource Center
    • English as a second language services
    • Access for students with disabilities
  • Dining Services
  • A-Store

For more information about Alverno’s Degree Completion programs, visit the Alverno website at, call 414-382-6100 or 800-933-3401, or email