Paraprofessional to Teacher Licensure Option for Elementary Education

Open to women and men, Alverno’s Paraprofessional to Teacher Licensure program is a streamlined path to licensure for practicing paraprofessionals who have an associate’s degree or at least 60 credits but not a bachelor’s degree.

In 24 months, you can earn Bachelor’s of Science in Education from one of the most respected and innovative schools in Wisconsin.

Why a Bachelor of Science in Education?

If you’ve dreamed of taking your place at the front of the classroom, this program will take your classroom skills to the next level with a Bachelor’s of Science in Education.

Program requirement

  • Working paraprofessional
  • An associate’s degree or at least 60 college credits*

*We will work with you if you have less than 60 college credits to formulate a plan to finish the degree.

Convenient class schedule

Classes will alternate between on campus and online – ensuring you’re able to balance work, family and an otherwise busy schedule.

Hybrid learning

The Para to Teacher Licensure program integrates the best of online learning with critical in-classroom instruction. This program also includes one semester of student teaching in the classroom. 

LA-301Introduction to Alverno Degree Cmpletion0
LA-310Finding Meaning in Professional Practice4
ED-348Engagement in Tchng, Lrning & Assessing4
LA-320Art, Culture & Ethics4
ED-358Portfolio Review0
ED-368Working With Diverse Populatio4
ED-378Processes of Literacy Acquision4
LA-330Sustainablty& Technology in Changng Wrld4
ED-388Literacy Across the Curriculum4
LA-340Informed Decision-Makg/Complex Societies4
ED-418Dif Inst/Assmnt-Math, Science& Soc Stds4
Successful completion for Praxis II and Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Test
ED-420CPortfolio/Interview Assessment0
ED-438Student Teaching12

Decades ago, Alverno adopted its groundbreaking abilities-based curriculum, a revolutionary approach to learning and assessment that educators from around the world continue to study and emulate today. As more school districts adopt this educational model, you’ll have the advantage of experiencing it firsthand, learning from educators who are leaders in the field.