Alverno Faculty

Faculty and administrators at Alverno are all working together toward the same goal — the student’s learning. And each faculty and staff member creates part of the total learning environment, whether it’s in a classroom or in an office.

Alverno faculty are widely known for their creative work. They are sought out by hundreds of colleagues each year for their insights and contributions to education in general and to their various fields in particular.

For a small college faculty they do a significant amount of consulting, making presentations at professional conferences, hosting workshops, and publishing.

The work they are known for is their teaching. They are people who love to make learning happen, and who have become expert in doing it. They come with strong professional backgrounds so that they can speak with authority in their disciplines. But what they choose to speak about is how their disciplines relate to one another, and to the crucial process of human learning.

Because they are growing themselves, and because the frontiers they explore are in the classroom rather than in a private lab or study, they make Alverno a lively place to be. They are teachers — master learners — working hard, and working together.


Abromeit, Jeana
PHD Sociology, University of Colorado Boulder
MA Sociology

Alt-Gehrman, Penny
MSN Nursing, Marquette University

Archer, Joanne
MSN Nursing, Marquette University

Athanasiou, Nancy
ME Educ Computing, Cardinal Stritch University
ME Education


Balistreri, Dawn
MA Communication, UW-Milwaukee

Barrowman, Carole
MA British History, Northern Illinois University

Bell, Christy
MS Geochemistry/Mineralogy, Pennsylvania St Univ Univ Park

Blom, Alex
PHD Physcl Orgnc Computatnl Chem, Iowa State University

Bowne, Patricia
PHD Zoology, University of Alberta
MS Bio Oceanography, Univ Miami

Brooker, Russell
PHD Political Science, Univ Chicago
MA Political Science

Brooker, David
PHD Political Science, Miami Univ Oxford
MA Political Science

Bruce, Stephanie
MSN Clinical Nurse Specialist, UW-Milwaukee

Brumm-Larson, Jessica
PHD Ed Psych, UW-Milwaukee
MS Ed Psych

Burnie, Michele
MS Art Therapy, Mount Mary University

Burton, Rebecca
PHD Biology, Kansas St. Univ Manhattan
MA Zoology, Univ Montana


Calhoun, Judith
PHD Organic Chemistry, University of IL/Urbana-Champaign

Caruss, Dawn
MS Adult Clinical Nurse Special, University of WI Madison
MS Adult Education Nursing

Crosby, Margaret
PHD Spanish, University of New Mexico
MA Spanish, Ohio University

Czarnik, Marian
PHD English, Indiana University
MA English, Oakland University


Duffy, Diane
PHD Political Science, University of Minnesota Minneapolis
PHD Public Policy
MSN Clinical Nurse Specialist, Marquette University

Dunn, Steven
PHD Biblical Studies, Marquette University


Eastberg, Jodi
PHD Modern European History, Marquette University
MA Modern European History

El-Sheikh, Amal
PHD Molecular Biology, Univ Louisville
PHD Cell Biology
MD Doctor of Medicine, Moscow Academy of Medicine
MS Biology, Univ Louisville

Emami, Zohreh
PHD Economics, Michigan State University

Engelmann, Donna
PHD Philosophy, Marquette University
MA Philosophy


Factor, James
PHD Mathematics, St. Louis University

Fehrenbach, Shari

Flamboe, Jennifer
MA Foreign Lang/Lit, UW-Milwaukee

Frey, Angela
PHD Biology, University of Minnesota Minneapolis
PHD Genetics


Gilbert, Kathryn
PHD Ldrshp/Advmt/Lrng Service, Cardinal Stritch University
MED Integ Studies, Cambridge College

Godley, Nathan
PHD History, University of Iowa
MA History, Universite Charles De Gaulle-Lille III

Graham, Sandra
PHD Ed Psych, Marquette University

Groshek, Jean
MA Communication, UW-Milwaukee

Guilbault, Lauralee
PHD Chemistry, Univ Tennessee Knoxville


Harness, Lindsey
MA Communication, Missouri State University

Hartje, Karen
MSN Nursing, Marian University

Henry, Leslie
MMUS Music, Colorado State University

Hollar, James
PHD Curriculum Inst, University of WI Madison


Johanson, Jennifer
MS Geological Science, UW-Milwaukee

Jutrzonka, Julie
MSN Nursing, University of Phoenix


Kailhofer, Lois
PHD Mathematics, UW-Milwaukee
MS Mathematics

Kilpatrick, Brenda
PHD Psychology, Wheaton College Il
MA Theology
MA Psychology-Clinical

Kitten, Mary
MS Nursing, UW-Milwaukee

Kunz, Jennifer
PHD Psychology-Clinical, Marquette University
MS Psychology-Clinical


LaManna, Justin
PHD Environmental Biology, Univ Louisville
MS Biology

Larson, Dara
MFA Drawing/Prnt Mking, UW-Milwaukee

Leister, Daniel
PHD Religious Studies, McMaster University
MA Philosophy, University of Colorado Boulder

Lewis, Patricia
PHD Religious Studies, Marquette University
MA Theology

Lieberman, Dena
PHD Anthropology, University of WI Madison
MA Anthropology
MBA Finance, Marquette University
MBA Marketing

Little, Jonathan
PHD English, University of WI Madison
MA English Lit, Hunter College

Lucas, Pamela
PHD Urban Education, UW-Milwaukee
MS Curriculum Inst


Matre, Daniel
MBA Business Adm, UW-Milwaukee

McAdam, Edward
MS Physics, UW-Milwaukee

Mernitz, Heather
PHD Nutrit'l Biochem Metabolism, Tufts University
MS Human Nutrition

Moore, Jill
MA English Literature Comp., Eastern Michigan University
MFA Creative Writing, Goddard College


Nelson, Catherine
MSN Master of Science in Nursing, Alverno College


O'Brien-Hokanson, Robert
PHD English, University of WI Madison
MA English

Olszewski, Linda
MBA Master Business Administration, Alverno College


Perez-Guijo, Susana
PHD Ancient History, Universidad De Cordoba
MED Instructional Tech, Regis University

Pointer, Desiree
PHD Ed: Lang, Lit, and Culture, University of California-Berkeley
MA Ed: Lang, Lit, and Culture

Pustejovsky, Susan
PHD Mathematics, Marquette University
MA German Lang/Lit
MS Mathematics


Ray, Mikelene
PHD Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth Univ
MS Psychology

Reedy, Marilyn
MA Education, Simpson College Ca

Richards-Wilson, Stephani
PHD German, University of WI Madison
MA Foreign Lang/Lit, Marquette University

Ries, Annette
MSN Nursing Education, University of Phoenix

Rogga, Lee
MSN Nursing, Bellarmine College

Roller, Peter
PHD Ethnomusicology, University of WI Madison
MA Ethnomusicology, Indiana University

Runkel, Richard
PHD Drama, University of Texas
MA English, W. Virginia Univ Morgantown


Savagian, John
PHD American History, Marquette University
MA Teaching, University of WI Stevens Point

Schulte, Judeen
PHD Nursing, University of Colorado Boulder
MS Nursing, Boston University

Seston, Sherry
PHD Microbiology, Michigan State University

Shapiro, Amy
PHD Philosophy, Univ Chicago
MA Philosophy

Sharkey, Stephen
PHD Sociology, University of Connecticut
MA Sociology

Skerven, Kimberly
PHD Psychology-Clinical, Marquette University

Smith, Paul
PHD Urban Education, UW-Milwaukee
MA Philosophy
MS Ed Psych, University of WI Madison

Sorenson, Leah
MSN Nursing, Walden University

Stallbaum, Brenda
MSN Adult Psychiatric Nursing, Indiana University

Stanley, Judith
PHD English, UW-Milwaukee
MA English Lit, Syracuse University

Sternig, Vallimae
MSN Nursing, UW-Milwaukee

Stockwell, Tracy
PHD Rhetorical Communication, Marquette University
PHD Leadership
MA Communication

Suleiman, Randa
MA Elementary Education, Alverno College


Thompson, Tracy
PHD Chemistry, Rensselaer Poly Institute
MS Synthetic Organic Ch, Univ Pennsylvania Coll Gen Std

Tobin, Richard
MBA Business Adm, Marquette University


Ullman, Julie
PHD Counseling Psychology, Marquette University
MED Counseling Psychology


VanEerden, Ann
MS Health Care Management, UW-Milwaukee
MSN Master of Science in Nursing, Alverno College

Varga, Patricia
PHD Nursing, Marquette University
MS Nursing

Vasquez, Kristin
PHD Psychology, University of WI Madison
MS Psychology
MBA Business Adm, UW-Milwaukee


Warren, Sharyn
MS Interdisciplinary Stud in Mgt, University of Maryland

Wasiullah, Karin
MSN Nursing, UW-Milwaukee

Weishaar, Katherine
PHD Counseling Psychology, Union Institute and University
MA Counselor Ed, Centrl Michigan University

Wielichowski, Luanne
MSN Prnt/Chld Tchng, Marquette University

Wroblewski, Kristin
DNP Nursing Practice, Concordia University
MSN Family Nurse Practitioner


Young, Christian
PHD Hist Sci Tech, University of Minnesota Minneapolis