Study Abroad

Through the International & Intercultural Center (IIC), Alverno offers students a wide variety of study-abroad options. You may study abroad for a semester, for a year, or for a shorter period — usually about ten days to two weeks. Almost 1,400 Alverno students have participated in some type of international study program to date. At Alverno, you may also experience our international connections in the classroom. Because the college actively encourages students from other countries to study at Alverno, students from almost 30 different countries — representing Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America — have enrolled here.

Student Exchange Programs — Semester or Yearlong

Alverno has established a wide and growing network of exchange agreements with universities in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Through these agreements, Alverno students may spend a semester or academic year off campus. Currently we have multiple exchange partnerships with universities in the United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Chile, and Mexico. In addition to enrolling in coursework that contributes to graduation requirements, students may also complete internships, student teaching, or service-learning projects in many of the universities. For example, Alverno students have taken part in service-learning projects in India and the Czech Republic; they have worked with children in England during summer internships; and they have done parliamentary internships in England and Wales.

Enrollment in Affiliated International Colleges and Universities

Alverno College regularly assists students to study in countries where we do not already have an established exchange relationship by helping them enroll in a college or university of their choice as a visiting student. We also assist students to study abroad through such study-abroad service providers as the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS Copenhagen), Academic Programs International (API), and Semester at Sea, to name a few.

Short-Term Study-Abroad Courses

Alverno faculty have acquired a national reputation for special short-term travel courses organized around a variety of interest areas. These have included the study of coral-reef biology in the Bahamas and intercultural communication in France, Ireland, Jamaica, and Costa Rica. Alverno students have also studied business and economics in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Paraguay, and Brazil; art and religion in Latin America and China; education in Tanzania; Korean culture in Seoul; nursing in Jamaica and Japan; social sciences in Portugal; culture and society in Japan and Indonesia; Spanish interpretation in Ecuador; and arts and theater in Spain, Italy, and England. Watch for information about upcoming courses in Campus Newsnet, on campus bulletin boards, or by stopping by the IIC.

To obtain a full list of places you may study abroad, please stop by the International & Intercultural Center.