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Since classes at Alverno involve active participation through discussions, small group or laboratory work, attendance is expected whether classes are meeting online or in person. Instructors expect you to be responsible for coming to class on time. Consistent tardiness may be considered an absence. When you enroll in a course, you are accountable for all course requirements. If a course is offered asynchronously, you are expected to meet the deadlines set out by your instructor to complete the work.

When extenuating circumstances arise, you are expected to contact the instructor regarding making up missed work. The Advising Office may serve as a contact point for students with exceptional circumstances such as surgeries, extended illnesses, jury duty, etc.

Instructors may advise you to drop a course, or may decide that you are ineligible to continue attending a course if attendance has not been regular or you have missed the first class meeting. However, in both instances: If you choose to drop the course, it is your responsibility to officially drop the course by contacting the Registrar’s Office. Graduate students should see their program specific handbooks for any additional attendance requirements.