Business (BUS)

BUS-105 Business: Connectng Principles& Practice (4 credits)

This course offers the student a rich introduction to the world of business through the telling of two relatable business stories and the use of hypothetical business cases. In reading about two businesses that have directly impacted her life, she learns about several different frameworks that are used by business scholars and that are covered in more depth in subsequent business courses. The student also studies a publicly traded company of her choosing and applies the frameworks discussed to evaluate the company. In addition, she analyzes her values and how various business actions impact and intersect with those values. The course also highlights the global nature of business and the need for the business student to think globally by allowing her to plan and present an international business trip to visit her company or a competitor.

Prerequisite(s): GEB-150 completed.

BUS-205 Marketing & Creativity (4 credits)

Students learn how organizations develop products and services to meet the needs and wants of customers and markets. In working as a team member and leader, they create a new product. The team develops strategies including product design, pricing, distribution, and promotion for domestic and global markets. They apply and integrate communication abilities in producing and presenting a marketing plan to gain support for the introduction of their new concept. Marketing concepts are applied to student career objectives in creating their own personal brand and career marketing strategy.

Prerequisite(s): BUS-105 completed. Additional information: This class will be offered fully online.

BUS-225 Organizational Leadership (4 credits)

In this course, students will develop a greater understanding of how organizations work and how to become a more effective employee and leader. This course integrates contemporary organizational, management, and leadership theory and case studies to illustrate best practices in management and leadership in successful organizations. The student will explore the factors that influence an organization's overall productivity and the factors that contribute to employees' effectiveness, sense of job satisfaction, and organizational performance. Course content and ability development focus on workplace knowledge and skill development necessary to take students beyond what their immediate work roles require and to enhance their professional development to take on more responsibility for management and leadership in organizations. From a general education perspective, this course can serve all majors who expect to work in businesses, not-for-profit, or governmental organizations.

Prerequisite(s): For Adult Evening & Online Students only. BUS-105 completed. Additional information: This class will be offered fully online.

BUS-230 Information Systems (4 credits)

In this course, students will learn the importance of information technology (IT) and how it is the backbone of any business. Students will become informed users, developing their knowledge of information systems and information technology concepts to effectively understand the purpose, role, and capabilities of IT in an organization. Grounded in their IT knowledge and literacy, students will learn of the various technological systems throughout an organization in such areas as business planning, sales and marketing, HR, and finance that are vital to its success. Through the lens of business, students will analyze real-world organizational problems and apply their IT knowledge to effectively facilitate and communicate business processes throughout an organization

Prerequisite(s): GEQL-160 completed.

BUS-235 Financial Accounting & Analysis (4 credits)

In this course, students will learn how to accumulate financial information in the form of financial statements. Additionally, students will learn several analytic techniques to help them discern the "story" behind the numbers. Financial acumen gradually develops as students examine: (a) how individual business transactions are recorded; (b) how transactions are aggregated into financial statements; (c) how financial statements are analyzed; and (d) how financial statements communicate information to business decision makers. This experience culminates in a "real-life" simulation where students are required to arrive at a business decision using financial statement analysis to support a recommendation. By the conclusion of this class, the student will be able to use financial information for analysis. Perhaps more importantly, the student will be able to confidently use financial vocabulary, which is often referred to as "the language of business." This language will be used throughout her coursework as well as her career.

Prerequisite(s): For Adult Evening & Online Students only. BUS-105 & GEQL-160 completed. Additional information: This class will be offered fully online.

BUS-345 Managerial Accounting & Decision Making (4 credits)

Students learn to use quantitative techniques to support business decision-making. These techniques give emerging leaders the tools necessary to validate their decision-making with data and support. Students also consider the qualitative aspects of their decisions including the impact of a decision on customers, investors, employees, market position, and business strategy. The student builds confidence in her decision-making ability and leadership potential as she learns techniques that are critical to common business decisions, such as: (a) the optimal price for a new product; (b) the expansion of a product line; (c) the purchase of capital equipment; and (d) budgeting and performance evaluation. This experience culminates in a "real-life" simulation where students are required to arrive at a business decision that takes both quantitative and qualitative information into consideration. By the conclusion of this class, the student will be able to arrive at decisions with confidence, and communicate quantitative information in support of her decision.

Prerequisite(s): BUS-235 & GEQL-160 completed. Additional information: This class will be offered fully online.

BUS-355 Principles of Operations Management (4 credits)

In this course, the student will learn the different business concepts that are necessary to understand the make-up of various business models. The student will learn to break down and understand complex business problems so as to identify what needs to be accomplished and what business models can be used to provide a solution. With a rooted foundation of knowledge of the business models and concepts, the student will develop and strengthen her quantitative literacy so as to effectively communicate her knowledge and apply it to develop business models for the purpose of solving business problems throughout an organization. The student will learn how to translate her knowledge in using technology as a tool to assist in developing the business models and how to interpret the resulting data in support of making effective and informed business decisions.

Prerequisite(s): BUS-230 & GEQL-160 completed. Additional information Fall 2018: This class is offered fully online

BUS-365 Economics & Resources (4 credits)

The student learns to apply economic concepts and theories as problem solving tools to analyze economic relationships and to achieve economic and community needs. She explores and participates in economic problem solving and debates surrounding the interactions between resources, environments, technologies, and the private and the public sectors of the economy. The student considers and analyzes economic concepts and theories, the values embedded in them, and how economic decisions relate to her personal and professional values, career and financial goals, and community needs.

Prerequisite(s): BUS-230 completed.

BUS-397 Independent Study (4 credits)

BUS-445 Managerial Finance (4 credits)

In this course, students learn to analyze and apply financial concepts and models required to maximize stakeholder value for organizations. The student will learn how to analyze and communicate the financial strengths and weaknesses of different real-world organizations using financial statements, ratio analysis and DuPont analysis with the goal to develop sound business recommendations on how to effectively manage financial and operational performance. With cash flow as a foundational financial concept of the course, students will learn how to measure cash flow activity and streamline the efficiency of cash to maintain strong financial health and promote future growth. Students will learn financial models to evaluate business projects and proposals to ensure the best investment is being made for the benefit of the organization. The student will learn how to critically evaluate financial data in order to develop and communicate effective business decisions for organizational sustainability and long-term value creation.

Prerequisite(s): BUS-345 completed. Additional information Fall 2018: This class is offered fully online

BUS-450 Business Development (4 credits)

The student explores the identification, evaluation and development of new business ideas and develops a business plan for a new business opportunity. The student researches her business idea, the competitive environment, and the unique advantages of her business. She develops a comprehensive written business plan. She also studies case examples of successful business entrepreneurs and identifies the attributes that make them successful. She evaluates the impact of her business on the external stakeholders in the community where she locates her business and she advocates strategies that facilitate the accomplishment of mutually beneficial goals. As she completes her business plan, she evaluates being in business for herself and develops the skills needed to manage a complex project. These project management and new venture creation abilities are invaluable in any organization for evaluating new business opportunities such as new products, markets, systems and processes.

Prerequisite(s): BUS-445 completed. Additional information Fall 2018: This class is offered fully online

BUS-455 Project Management (4 credits)

The student works as a part of an external consulting team where she develops and applies project management techniques, consulting abilities, and management processes within a community business or organization. These organizations may include small to large businesses, for profit or not-for-profit entities, social service groups, and governmental or non-governmental agencies. Students learn and apply models and frameworks in project management, leadership, teamwork, and consulting. Working in teams, the student collaborates with the client to negotiate and design project objectives and deliverables, apply project management resources and techniques, and produce deliverables for the client. Deliverables may include creating business plans, marketing research studies, special event plans and management, and social media marketing strategies. She serves as a team project manager and practices her project leadership, communication, and planning.

Prerequisite(s): BUS-445 completed. Other information Fall 2018: This class is offered fully online

BUS-465 Global Business Environment (4 credits)

The student learns how to think and compete strategically in markets, business, and other organizations. She learns how to analyze the mission and objectives of an organization; how to evaluate the external and industry environment to identify opportunities and threats; and how to formulate policies, strategies, and plans to maximize opportunities and manage implementation of policies and strategies. Key learning experiences and assessments include producing individual and group strategic analyses and recommendations to achieve strategic objectives in changing global markets and environments. The tools of strategic analysis learned in this course are transferrable to any organization and can be applied in personal and career planning.

Prerequisite(s): BUS-445 completed. Additional information Fall 2018: This class is offered fully online