Computing and Information Technology (CIT)

CIT-300 Technology & Mgt of Information Systems (3 credits)

This course provides the technical framework needed to understand the structure and operation of computer hardware and software. The student studies computer hardware and systems architecture from an advanced-user standpoint. She works in teams to disassemble and assemble a component computer, to install an operating system, and to troubleshoot both hardware and software problems. She also explores and learns the components of a home network, how they interact, and how to troubleshoot. Reflecting on academic and professional interests and strengths, she plans a course of study, and begins to develop an informational network among professionals in related fields.

Prerequisite(s): For CIT Majors/Supports: CIT 267 or CIT 268 or CIT 270 completed. For IMD/MDIA Majors: CIT 270 completed.

CIT-470 Advanced Database Mgt of Organizing Data (3 credits)

In today's competitive world, accessing a variety of information for ad hoc decision-making, as well as day-to-day management is critical. Databases and database queries provide the user with tools to efficiently and effectively store and access information. Students study and apply the principles of sound database design and analyze common models upon which database management systems are based. The students use a relational database and structure query language (SQL) to design and create database solutions.

Prerequisite(s): CIT 280 completed.

CIT-490 Project Management (3 credits)

In this capstone course, the student manages a final semester-long project in which she synthesizes her learning in the major. The course follows Project Management Institute guidelines for project management, giving the student a comprehensive overview of the components that encompass information technology project management. She defines, controls, and manages her project. She investigates project organization and structures while working on financial issues in project management. She becomes familiar with and applies terms, definitions, and common acronyms used in project management to her own capstone project. She also researches project management career paths, professional organizations, and national certifications.

Prerequisite(s): CIT Majors: CIT-300 and One 300-level CIT course completed. Other Majors: Analysis and Problem Solving Level 4 completed or instructor consent.

CIT-650 Social Media in Learning Environmen (3 credits)

In this course, candidates develop the skills and knowledge for becoming a technology director in a school or other learning environment. They learn to design and manage technological learning environments through planning, budgeting, making decisions, and implementing technology support. As a means for facilitating and maintaining the environment, they develop effective strategies for supervising, training, and evaluating technical staff, as well as acquiring knowledge of appropriate technology resources.

Prerequisite(s): Other information Summer 2018: this class will be fully online

CIT-697 Independent Study (3 credits)

Independent Study