General Education Arts (GEA)

GEA-200 Exploring Women's Creativity Thru Arts (4 credits)

In this course, each student will engage with female artist through four art forms - dance, music, theater and visual art. Using current technology and real time involvement she will encounter art as an observer and as a creator developing skills in analysis, valuing, and aesthetic engagement. As an observer, she will examine art from a variety of perspectives, using discipline-specific vocabulary to articulate her observations and assist her in forming personal opinions about art. She will explore the role of women artist in various cultures and historical periods, expanding her world view. As a creator she will make informed choices that integrate her personal vision and definition of creativity with her increased cultural awareness. In the dual roles of critic and artist, each student will experience art from an outsider's and insider's perspective.

Prerequisite(s): GECM-135 completed.