General Education Arts (GEA)

GEA-200 Creativity Through the Arts (4 credits)

This experiential course is designed to transform students' creativity, an ability that is applicable to all aspects of their personal lives and careers. Through various forms of aesthetic engagement, they will learn about outstanding creative artists in global visual and performance art. Within the hybrid structure, students will research and analyze artists' works and make personal and cultural connections through the Arts Frameworks in order to enhance their ability to "read" artwork and understand their role as viewer. Also, students will explore their creativity through engagement in creative processes based on Creative Domains and related to specific artists' works being studied throughout the course. As part of these experiences, students will consider artistic intent and the complex aspects of creativity that lie at the foundation of making meaning through visual art. In creating personal visual statements and analyzing their own viewpoints, responses, and choices, students will expand their understanding of and ability to access their innate creativity.

Prerequisite(s): GECM-135 completed.