General Education Communication Seminar (GECM)

GECM-135 Communication Ability Seminar 1 (4 credits)

This course focuses on developing the analytical reading, writing, speaking, listening, and information technology literacy skills necessary for coursework across the curriculum. Students will enhance their critical thinking abilities as they engage with language concepts such as audience, context, focus, purpose, and structure. Students will further develop their abilities in areas of self-management strategies such as time management, study skills, vocabulary acquisition, etc. to be successful in their education pursuits and later in the world at large. The student will explore complex topics, incorporating ideas from various sources and applying theoretical concepts, as she develops her receptive and expressive communication abilities. She will also be introduced to research strategies and library resources essential to her development as an innovative learner.

Prerequisite(s): GEB-150 completed or concurrent registration.

GECM-235 Communication Ability Seminar II (4 credits)

This course prepares students to be effective communicators and researchers in their college work and beyond. Students will develop and demonstrate communication abilities (listening, reading, speaking and writing) at Level 3 in an integrated fashion in both new media and more traditional formats. Students will also develop their research skills and technological literacy through the creation of a digital project that showcases their communication abilities at Level 3. This digital project enables students to explore a topic from a course in their major, leadership or general education.

Prerequisite(s): GECM-135 completed.

GECM-450 Adv Gen Ed Research & Communic Project (4 credits)

In this course, students will demonstrate the advanced general education outcomes by further developing and creatively applying what they have learned in their general education courses. Using close-reading, observation, research, and data analysis skills, students will have the opportunity to create and present a project on a topic of their choice that is relevant to their major and profession. They will especially draw upon their advanced communication skills and use of technology to construct and communicate their project.

Prerequisite(s): GECM-235 completed. Additional information: Fall 2018: this class if offered fully online