General Education Humanities (GEH)

GEH-350 Multicultural Societies (4 credits)

This class introduces the student to the Humanities disciplines -English/literary studies, history, philosophy, and religious studies - via an analysis of multicultural societies across the world and in different historical eras, including the present-day United States. She will learn to use the tools and frameworks of the humanities to investigate how societies have approached cultural difference, how people in them have experienced cultural difference and its social and other effects, and what ethical and other frameworks they have used to define difference and frame their approach to it. She will learn to use the humanities as tools to analyze human experiences and cultures, through the study of fictional expressions (including film and literature), philosophical and religious teachings about cultural difference, and historical records of how past societies have lived cultural difference. Her work will assist her in developing a deeper understanding of her own place in a multicultural society.

Prerequisite(s): For Adult Evening & Online students only GEB-150 completed