General Education Science (GES)

GES-250 The Sciences & Women (4 credits)

Science & Women establishes a foundation in the physical and/or biological sciences with a strong emphasis on the role of women in all aspects of science from research to leadership positions both in science and the community. Students in the course will develop a scientific understanding of the natural world focusing on physical and/or biological systems and will gain an understanding of both the historical and current roles of women in science. By the end of the course successful students should be able to effectively communicate on issues of recruitment, education, and retention of women in science as educators, researchers, and leaders. Students will also develop and use analysis skills for understanding, investigating, and articulating physical and/or biological and other science related topics. Students will examine how gender bias has shaped many aspects of the sciences from the basic process of doing science to complex systems found within humans and/or the environment. By analyzing these biases and seeing their impact on education and career development students can begin to appreciate how science is interwoven with society. The course will also explore how science is influenced by values and how these values vary across genders and cultures.

Prerequisite(s): For Adult Evening & Online Students only. GEB-150 & LDR-150 completed.