Instructional Design (ID)

ID-670 Inst Pres: Interact Strat & Prof Stnd (3 credits)

Course Offered Fall Term only. Students use multiple performance opportunities to critically and creatively develop interactive strategies for effective instructional presentations. They investigate professional standards to inform their practice as instructional designers and presenters. Building upon prior coursework related to theories of instructional design, human development, and motivation theory, they also study theories of rhetoric and methods of rhetorical criticism to ground their practice and to formulate criteria for evaluating their performances as instructional presenters.

ID-675 Theory & Strategies of Instruct'l Design (3 credits)

Students develop theoretical bases for designing instruction in the workplace. They create a design document to guide the process that includes needs assessment, design and development, implementation and maintenance, and evaluation. They focus particularly on problem definition as the beginning of the design process and develop strategies to understand the needs of end users and consumers. They use the design document as a framework for documenting the decision-making process over time.

ID-678 Evaluation Process/Instructional Design (3 credits)

Focusing on evaluation as a key component in various stages of the instructional-design process, students examine a range of evaluation methods, techniques, devices, and strategies. They select appropriate evaluations for determining the degree of value and success of specific instructional design programs and products. They evaluate the quality of needs assessment, short-and-long-term curriculum goals, and performance analyses. Students apply varied theoretical frameworks to inform their systematic observations and interpretation of evidence.

Prerequisite(s): This course will be offered as an online independent study course.

ID-679 Project Mgt in Instructional Design (3 credits)

Course Offered Fall Term only. Students develop skill in using management systems to align training with organizational goals. They are introduced to a range of planning and administrative tools, forms, and systems used to manage complex projects. They develop a comprehensive instructional-design plan in which they address major project components, including scheduling, strategies for allocating resources and monitoring costs, as well as approaches to identifying and involving appropriate individuals and effectively managing relationships across the organization.

ID-688 Pedagogy & Technology in Online Learning (3 credits)

ID-697 Independent Study (1-3 credits)

If the student needs to develop a particualar expertise not otherwise available through courses offered in the Master of Arts program, he or she may want to study with an "external" faculty member or professional mentor from another institution or organization. The Independent Study option makes this possible. To develop this study option, the student first meets with an Alverno advisor to outline a set of learning goals and then creates a proposal that explains the learning goals and how they will be achieved, including how learning will be assessed. The proposed study must qualify as graduate-level work; it may include auditing a course, completing a specified set of learning experiences such as workshops, or engaging in directed study. The external professional must agree to establish a systematic learning relationship with the student, and write periodic evaluations of student performance. The student may receive up to 3 credits. The external professional receives an honorarium.

ID-700 Practicum Project (3 credits)