Interactive Media Design (IMD)

IMD-381 Content Dev/Interactive Media (3 credits)

The student learns to write for interactive multimedia by contrasting the nuances of writing for text, audio, and video in diverse applications. She explores the role of the writer on multimedia and website production teams through case study analysis of the written documents and scripts for a marketing website, corporate website, research portal, e-learning, museum kiosk, online training, computer game, video game, simulation, parallel story, virtual world, and immersive exhibit. In addition to creating nonlinear storyboards, she produces outlines, proposals, and design documents that support project management.

IMD-399 Formal Introduction to Advanced Work (0 credits)

The Advanced-Level Event marks a significant accomplishment for each student as she proceeds into the work of her major department. When a department determines that a student is ready for advanced work within a discipline, the student is invited to participate in a ceremony that is both a celebration and an explanation of future requirements of the major and support areas. She registers for this experience at a point determined by her major department: for most majors the registration is connected to the taking of a particular course. Students and faculty gather for an afternoon during Mid-semester Assessment Days. Following a general program, students meet in departmental sessions with their faculty to discuss advanced outcomes, department courses, advising procedures, and so on.

IMD-401 New Media (3 credits)

The student learns how new media are transforming communication worldwide through interactive user feedback, creative participation, and community formation around media content. The dynamic possiblities of new media are the focal point of this course, as the student investigates how social media have restructured the consumer's expectations of media. Using the demise of traditional journalism as a case study, she explores the democratization of the creation, publishing, distribution, and consumption of media content.