Leadership (LDR)

LDR-150 Women's Histry, Women's Leadership (4 credits)

A student in this course will develop an understanding and appreciation for what it has meant to be a woman in the United States, the histories of women's work and legal rights, the women's movement, the role of Alverno College within that movement, the accomplishments of women in the American past and present, and the role of her own personal narrative in identifying and enhancing a leadership identity. The student will have the opportunity in this course to examine her own values and be introduced to mindful leadership theory to enhance her identity as a woman leader and to forward herself as a learner.

Prerequisite(s): Open only to Adult Evening & Online students. GEB-150 completed or concurrent registration. GEAC-151 completed or concurrent registration. Additional information: Spring 2018: no class February 28

LDR-250 Leading Effective Teams (4 credits)

In this course the student synthesizes her learning from LDR-150, GEB-150, her personal and professional experiences, and contemporary literature and models on working as a team member and building teams to make improvements in organizations and communities. The student formulates her own definition and profile of effective leadership in various group contexts. A comprehensive integrated leadership model is used throughout the course and student learning. Foundational leadership concepts of organizational culture, mission, and strategy are integrated into the course content. Additionally she learns and applies social interaction models for leading and working in groups, managing conflict, coaching and mentoring, reaching a decision and completing tasks, and building relationships.

Prerequisite(s): GEB-150 and LDR-150 completed.

LDR-300 Building Career: Leadership Context 1 (4 credits)

LDR-300 is the third class in the leadership sequence for the AEO program. In this class, students will build on their knowledge and abilities from the two previous leadership courses, deepen their understanding of theories of leadership and their applications, and scaffold an experiential learning project for LDR-400. Each student will have a well-articulated personal leadership philosophy and approach that she is prepared to enact in an initiative of her creation to be realized in LDR-400.

Prerequisite(s): LDR-150 & LDR-250 & GEQL-160 completed. Additional information: Spring 2018: no class February 28

LDR-400 Building Career: Leadership Context 2 (4 credits)

Building on her knowledge and abilities from previous leadership courses, her major, and her personal experiences in work and communities, the student will engage in a year-long experiential learning. She will have opportunities to develop a substantive career path that is consistent with her interests, values, and talents by integrating her learning in a variety of leadership theories and practices including mindful leadership, emotional intelligence, and feminist leadership, and networking in communities she has reason to value. Working with specific communities and partnerships, the student will have the opportunity to work in teams to identify community problems, design agendas, help conceptualize alternative approaches, and design initiatives. Under the supervision of a faculty advisor, with assistance from Career Education and Internship Offices, and, where appropriate, in teams, students will design and conduct their own experiences which may include the following: . Conduct qualitative and quantitative research to identify unmet needs in contexts of their own choosing . Identify stakeholders . Devise ways to collaborate with multiple stakeholders . Set substantive priorities and agendas . Set pragmatic value-based goals . Construct implementation strategies . Construct and apply evaluation strategies . Develop networks . Refine team building strategies . Imagine alternative initiatives and designs . Reflect on leadership styles and create repertoire from which to draw

Prerequisite(s): LDR-300 completed.