Liberal Studies (LS)

LS-170 Visual Literacies (4 credits)

This course will introduce students to the theory and practice of visual communication to help them become informed critics, consumers, and creators of graphic messages. Students will learn how to 1) identify and use elements of compelling layout; 2) employ sophisticated design software and web-based technology to prepare and deliver excellent presentations; 3) apply principles of effective design to create and deliver strong visual messages across a range of media platforms; and 4) analyze and create content and design for a variety of deliverables. Students also will have opportunities to incorporate research into visual projects and to build critical thinking skills through hands-on projects.

Prerequisite(s): GEB-150 completed or concurrent.

LS-230 Emerging Tecnologies (4 credits)

In this course, students will explore communication theory and examine, learn and apply theories of communicating in existing and emerging technologies and will work in multiple platforms (handheld, tablets, and personal computers; and software--commercial and open source) to advance their ability to serve multiple constituencies. Production labs will focus on mobile Applications, data visualization, and open source software.

Prerequisite(s): For Adult Evening & Online Students only. GEC 150, LDR-150, GECM-135, LS 101, LDR-250 GEQL-130, GEQL-160 & LA 170 completed.