Master of Arts/Music & Liturgy (MAML)

MAML-510 Music Theory Review (0 credits)

MAML-520 Music History Review (0 credits)

MAML-600 Orient to MA Music & Liturgy (0 credits)

Orientation to the MA in Music & Liturgy program

MAML-605 Ecclesial Renew & Liturgical Reform (2 credits)

MAML-610 Ritual, Music, Planning & Celebration (2 credits)

MAML-615 Dev & Practice of Congregational Song (2 credits)

MAML-620 Seasons, Saints, Hours, Calendars (2 credits)

MAML-625 Celebrate the Eucharist & Sacraments (2 credits)

MAML-630 Liturgy & Music in Cultur Diverse Church (2 credits)

MAML-635 Accompanist As Ldr/Congregational Song (1 credit)

MAML-636 Training Psalmists & Cantors (1 credit)

MAML-640 Condctng Volunteer Choirs & Ensembles (2 credits)

MAML-645 Compsng & Arrng/Pastroral Musicians (2 credits)

MAML-650 Liturgical Music As Pastoral Care (1 credit)

MAML-655 Music Ministry Management (1 credit)

MAML-660 Organ Lessons (0.5 credits)

MAML-661 Piano Lessons (0.5 credits)

MAML-662 Voice Lessons (0.5 credits)

MAML-663 Composition (0.5 credits)

MAML-664 Guitar Lessons (0.5 credits)

MAML-665 Percussion Lessons (0.5 credits)

MAML-666 Other Instrument (0.5 credits)

MAML-670 Ensemble: Chorus (0.5 credits)

MAML-675 Gregorian Chant: Interpretat & Chironomy (1 credit)

MAML-676 Praise & Worship Repertory & Performance (1 credit)

MAML-677 Music of African Americ Catholic Worship (1 credit)

MAML-678 Spanish & Bilingual Repertory & Practice (1 credit)

MAML-680 Traditions of Popular Piety (1 credit)

MAML-681 Lit Catechesis & Mystagogical Reflection (1 credit)

MAML-682 Lit & Mus/Merged Or Multi-Site Parishes (1 credit)

MAML-682A Liturgy/Music Merged/Multi-Site Parishes (0 credits)

MAML-683 Spiritlity & Tradits of Latino Catholics (1 credit)

MAML-683A Spirituality/Traditions Hisp Catholics (0 credits)

MAML-684 African Am Catholic Wrshp & Spiritulity (1 credit)

MAML-685 Orgnzg & Trng Liturgical Ministers (1 credit)

MAML-686 Leading Public Prayer (1 credit)

MAML-690 Liturgy Seminar (1 credit)

MAML-691 Technology for Music Ministers (1 credit)

MAML-691A Technology for Music Ministers (0 credits)

MAML-692 Vocal Pedagogy for Choral Conductor (1 credit)

MAML-692A Vocal Pedagogy for the Choir Director (0 credits)

MAML-693 Working With Children's Choirs (1 credit)

MAML-694 Choral Repertory for the Liturgical Year (1 credit)

MAML-695 Coordinating Choirs & Ensmbles-Keyboard (1 credit)

MAML-697 Independent Study (1-2 credits)

MAML-699 Liturgical Music Seminar (1 credit)

MAML-710 Capstone Ritual Event (1 credit)

MAML-720 Theology of Music Ministry & Comp Review (1 credit)