Professional Communication (PCM)

PCM-320 Adv Media Studies & Multimedia Productio (3 credits)

In this course the student examines the cultural power of media in societies. Concurrently, she continues to build and refine multimedia production skills to support her future communication career. She learns to conduct a media study grounded in theory, to create an instructional research presentation, and to produce well-designed digital video.

Prerequisite(s): PCM 170 completed., PCM 200 or PCM 230 completed or concurrent registration.

PCM-364 Digital Photography (3 credits)

The student learns the asethetic and technical aspects of producing art-quality digital images. In order to create a quality portfolio of original photographs, she learns how to use the multiple functions of a digital camera, how to work with imaging software, and how to apply theories of aesthetic communication to her work. She also examines historical, social, environmental, and cultural contexts of photography.

Prerequisite(s): One Communication Level 3 ICM completed.

PCM-397 Independent Study (2 credits)

Under the approval and direction of a faculty member, independent study is available to students.

PCM-411 From Campus to Career (1 credit)

The student learns and applies the most effective process and strategies for a holistic approach to successfully launching her career. Relating knowledge gained through self-assessment (identifying/clarifying skills, values, interests, goals, etc.) and career research (Alverno Career Lab, Internet, professional networks, etc.), she dynamically engages in decision-making and life work planning. The student professionalizes her resume, and is videotaped interviewing. These skills facilitate entree into her first position upon graduation as well as subsequent transitions as her career progresses.

PCM-437 Fundraising & Grantwriting:Prin & Pract (3 credits)

The student explores the history, principles, and theories of philanthropy. Analyzing the values and goals of a nonprofit client, she develops practical skills and identifies resource strategies in such areas as donor relations, volunteer coordination, database management, special-events planning, and grant writing. Case studies and guest speakers help acquaint the student with the variety of approaches used in different organizations, and she completes a semester-long research and grant-writing project as an assessment. In the process, she also examines her own personal and professional commitments and contributions.

Prerequisite(s): One Communication Level 4 ICM completed.

PCM-445 Intercultural Communication (3 credits)

This short-term travel course to Costa Rica focuses on Sustainability. As you learn and apply models for effective Intercultural Communication and study the people, history, and culture of Costa Rica, you will experience first-hand Costa Rica's nation-wide focus on sustainable practices in rainforest preservation, food production, energy and marine resources, and much more.

Prerequisite(s): Additional information: Class meetings are Thursday 6-9 p.m. Class Dates: Jan 25, Feb 8, Mar 15 & Apr 19 Travel dates: May 20-29, 2018 Registration and Cost: $150 deposit in the Business Office required before registration. Course fee/trip cost of approximately $ 3,000 will be added to student tuition bill, $500 confirmation cost of which is non-refundable after December 15, 2017. Entire course fee/trip cost is non-refundable as of January 31, 2018, even if you drop the course itself and do not travel. Enrollment limited to 15 students. Students should also plan for an additional amount of $ 50 for optional expenses and free time. The exact amount of this extra spending money is dependent on your own spending habits. Scanned Color Copy of Passport emailed to by February 20, 2018. If your passport is due to expire before May 1, 2018, you must renew your passport immediately. Contact the IIC if you need information about how to obtain, or renew, a passport. Important notes: --Attendance at on-campus classes is mandatory. --All travelers must be able to participate in physical activities such as hiking on rough terrain over a sustained period of time. --We are able to accommodate vegetarian diets; however, we may not be able to modify meals for other dietary restrictions. --Because travelers are in class during this trip, cell phones are restricted during excursions, lectures and group processing time except to take photos or make notes. --There are no single-occupancy options. Travelers will be sharing rooms with 1-5 others depending on the venue (hotel, cabana, B&B or student lodge)

PCM-464 Advanced Photocommunications (3 credits)

This course builds on the student's experience in A/PCM-364, Digital Photography. The student deepens her aesthetic sensibility and technical expertise through digital image layering and enhancing software. Focusing on her own development as a photographer, she researches the history and influences of photography, creates an in-depth portfolio. She makes connections between her work and her career or community involvement. The course culminates in a public showing of her portfolio.

Prerequisite(s): A-364 or PCM-364 completed.

PCM-486 Communication Theory and Research (3 credits)

Offered Fall Term WEC only. This course emphasizes deeper understandings of major theoretical perspectives and research methods in the communication discipline and profession.The student examines how communication research informs professional practice and how professional practice informs communication theory. Her work supports and prepares her for project management, grant writing, and/or graduate school.

Prerequisite(s): PCM 230, PCM 300 completed. Other information: Last time offered in Fall 2017

PCM-490 Digital Publishing (3 credits)

This course provides classroom and computer lab experiences that assist the student to expand and refine her print media communication and desktop publishing skills. She concentrates on synthesizing prior and new communication knowledge to design creative solutions for print media communication.

Prerequisite(s): For all students: Communication Level 4 ICM completed. For CLD Majors: PCM 170 completed or consent of instructor. For PCM Majors: PCM 300 completed or consent of instructor.

PCM-493 Interactive Listening (3 credits)

Effective communicators, first and foremost, are effective listeners. Only when the student is open to receiving and understanding the viewpoints of others is she prepared to make informed choices.In this course she develops her ability to discriminate among the multitiude of stimuli in today's media-rich environment.She learns techniques for improved comprehension, studies therapeutic listening approaches, and explores strategies for becoming an effective, critical listener.

Prerequisite(s): One Communication Level 4 ICM completed.

PCM-497 Independent Study (1-3 credits)

Under the approval and direction of a faculty member, independent study is available to students.

PCM-499 Professional Practice Seminar (3 credits)

In this capstone course, the student synthesizes her learning across the curriculum as it informs her specilty area and/or career goals. Refining previous or current projects as exemplars of her work, she constructs a professional portfolio and resume that reflect her development.She develops her professional network by recruiting a pratitioner to assess her portfolio. She also explores ethical issues and considers her own professional responsibility in planning career directions and strategies.

Prerequisite(s): PCM Majors: PCM-320 completed. For WEC: Concurrent registration in AC-463. Additional information: Last time offered in Fall 2017