Prenursing (PN)

PN-120 Preparation for Nursng Success (2 credits)

This course is designed to assist the student accelerate her readiness and potential for success in Nursing. Based on feedback from the Nursing Diagnostic Assessment (NDA), the student will develop and strengthen her college academic vocabulary, grammar, and reading skills specific to the Nursing discipline. In order to respond to her individualized remediation plan from the NDA, she will assess her prior knowledge and current capacities. She will expand her vocabulary, learn how to take effective notes, create a map of readings, identify main ideas, articulate similarities and differences in concepts, and develop memory skills. She will develop a test-taking process and apply it in answering multiple choice type questions; she will learn to articulate and identify specific test taking strategies and when to apply them. Students will use the "Capacities of a Successful Intermediate Student" as a resource for self assessment and planning. PN-120 will incorporate elements of careering. Students will take a new version of the NDA at the course's end.

Prerequisite(s): Only for UNP or UNN Majors who are unsuccessful in AC-120 (Nursing Diagnostic Assessment).