Special Education - minor

Are you passionate about ensuring all students receive an education that meets their diverse needs? Our licensable special education minor for undergraduate students will prepare you with the knowledge, skills and versatility to teach in K-12 settings.

Through a five-course sequence, you’ll discover how to create and advocate for inclusive learning environments that will best serve students’ academic, emotional and behavioral needs. You’ll learn about special education history and law, characteristics of specific disabilities and the IEP, literacy techniques, planning lessons for specific disabilities, and creating environments that support positive classroom behaviors.

For more information about this minor, please visit our Special Education webpage.

Special Education Requirements
NOTEParaprofessional Students who declare this support do not take ED-368
SPE-314CFoundations of Special Education4
SPE-315CCharac, Assmnt-Lrnrs With Disabilities4
SPE-320CLang & Literacy Dev/Students W/Disabilit4
SPE-434PTchg Adapt-Stds W/Disabilities4
SPE-435PCommunity Envir W/Disabilities3