Elementary/ Middle Childhood Major (LTM)

Liberal Arts Requirements for LTM
HS-308US History 1607-19004
or HS-309 US in 20th Century
LTM Elementary/Middle Childhood Program
Praxis I
LTM-611Human Learning & Development3
LTM-612General Methods of Teaching4
ED-321AMiddle School Teaching & Field4
LTM-621Lit in Early Adolescence/Adolescence4
LTM-631Teaching Exceptional Learners3
LTM-632Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment3
AC-636A Vision of Teaching0
Praxis II
Reading Foundations
LTM-640LTM Portfolio Assessment0
Student Teaching
and Student Teaching
LTM-675Student Teaching Seminar-LTM0
Middle Childhood/ Early Adolescence
LTM-635Science & Social Studies in Elementary4
ED-325ALiteracy in Middle Childhood I-ELM3
MT-243Fundamental Concepts/Mathematics 13
MT-244Fundamental Concepts/Mathematics 23

A minor in a certifiable content area is required. Contact your advisor for options.