English Language Arts Major

Take one from the following:
Perspectives on Literature
or EN-310
Life Love Literature/Making Choices
Fiction Into Film
EN-330Imagination & Identity in Literary Stds4
EN-340Eng Grammar: Understng Form & Function3
EN-343Creative Writing II3
Take one from the following:
Chinese Civilization & Cultures
South Asia Civilization
Latin American Civilizations
Japan: Studies in Civilizations& Culture
ED-327Literature for Young Adults2
ED-365Literature Middle Childhood/Early Adoles3
or LTM-621 Lit in Early Adolescence/Adolescence
Take 6 credits of English courses above EN-330
EN-381Major Figures: Shakespeare & Cont Wrld3
Take one 400 level English Elective (see IOL for options)
ED-471Teaching English/Middle-Secondary School4
or LTM-622 Content Area Methods
COMM-340Persuasion and Advocacy3