Post Master's Neonatology Nurse Practitioner (NNP)

Working in hospital settings, neonatal nurse practitioners provide care, order and interpret diagnostic tests, and develop complex treatment plans designed to maximize the health of their patients and prevent complications. Under the leadership of Program Chair Media Esser, PhD, NNP-BC, APNP, CWN, the Neonatal Nurse Practitioner master’s program will prepare students to provide acute and critical advanced practice nursing care to preterm (i.e., infants born after fewer than 37 weeks of pregnancy), full-term newborns, and infants and children up to 2 years old. If you are a neonatal nurse with a masters of science degree in nursing who has a deep interest in providing a higher level of care, Alverno has the program for you. The program will be offered online, except for an advanced clinical procedures course (on-campus) and clinical practicum experiences.

Students work closely in an asynchronous classroom with faculty. The curriculum consists of in-depth content including core nurse practitioner content with in-depth track courses focused on neonatal embryology, patho-physiology, pharmacology, health assessment, and family-centered care. The neonatal courses provide case studies, problem-based learning, and web-based opportunities to enhance critical appraisal skills required in their future practice.

The web-based learning in this program enhances the 8 abilities: communication, analysis, problem-solving, social interaction, effective citizenship, valuing, aesthetic engagement, and global perspective, all of which are integral to the core of Alverno and the advanced practice registered nurse role. The e-learning platform provides an opportunity for dynamic engagement among the students and builds the community of learning through the deliberate use of the Alverno abilities. The NNP program emphasizes the use of meaningful feedback and its relationship to the NNP in practice instead of letter grades. The abilities-based curriculum in combination with self-assessment/reassessment builds the skills employers desire. If you are ready to reach your potential and advance your career, Alverno’s NNP program will challenge you to go as far as your potential will take you.

Interested applicants for the post-masters NNP program will need two years of NICU level III or above full-time experience prior to the beginning of the clinical placement. The Alverno NNP program prepares the graduate to take the board certification exam offered by the National Certification Corporation for the Neonatal Nurse Practitioner and to apply for prescriptive authority within the State of Wisconsin.

For 130 years, Alverno College has been dedicated to the education of women, preparing them for lives of personal and professional distinction and meaningful engagement with the world. Alverno extends this mission to men as well, through graduate and adult classes. We are a Catholic, liberal arts college with a curriculum so unique, educators from around the world come to Alverno to learn how we teach. Alverno’s abilities-based approach to learning ensures our graduates will learn more in class and retain knowledge longer. Students do not receive traditional grades, rather, they are assessed by faculty, community assessors, peers and themselves. Our small class sizes ensure students receive uncommon access to faculty. With an average student to teacher ratio of 10:1, you are guaranteed an individualized learning experience.

MSN-600AOrientation to Post Masters Program0
MSN-681Advanced Pathophysiology & Pharmacology in Neonatology3
MSN-682Advanced Neonatal Phsycial Assessment1
MSN-683Advanced Clinical Procedures in Neonatology2
MSN-684Advanced Practice Neonatology 13
MSN-684PNeonatal Nurse Practitioner Practicum 12
MSN-685Advanced Practicum Neonatology 23
MSN-685PNeonatal Nurse Practitioner Practicum 22
MSN-686Advanced Critical Care Neonatology 33
MSN-686PNeonatal Nurse Practitioner Practicum 32

The Academic Map should be used for planning purposes only. All official graduation requirements are listed on a student's Academic Evaluation. Course sequence is subject to change.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
MSN-681 Advanced Pathophysiology & Pharmacology in Neonatology 3
MSN-682 Advanced Neonatal Phsycial Assessment 1
MSN-683 Advanced Clinical Procedures in Neonatology 2
MSN-684 Advanced Practice Neonatology 1 3
MSN-684P Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Practicum 1 2
 Total Credits11