Creative Arts in Practice (major)

This major is perfect for students who desire a career in the arts but want to have expertise in multiple areas in order to meet the changing demands of organizations who need multi-disciplined artists and creative thinkers. Students will also learn strategies and entrepreneurial skills necessary to execute and fund their own creative projects. 

Students will select two different creative arts tracks, or focus areas, to complement the core work within the major. These tracks include:

  • Creative Studies in Writing
  • Media Design
  • Visual Arts
  • Film
  • Music
  • Theater/Dance

Within this major, students learn to apply and evaluate theories of creativity and problem-solving models within a range of arts experiences and productions. These experiences and productions span cultures and communities as the students creatively and skillfully explore, plan, develop, respond, and reflect on the diversity and interconnectedness of Creative Arts in Practice. Students apply principles of arts entrepreneurship, including funding, business models, branding, and creative renewal within their chosen tracks. As a final showcase of their creative expertise, voice, and professional skills, students create a multiple arts portfolio within a final Creative Arts performance, production, or publication that synthesizes their artistic work in a collaborative setting. 

Creative Arts Major Beginning
A-146Self Employment in the Arts1
A-147Grant Writing for Artists & Educators1
CA-250Kick Start Creativity4
CA-299Formal Introduction to Intermediate Work0
Take one of the following:3
Introduction to Business & Mgt
Understandng Personl& Professionl Sellng
Fundraising & Grantwriting:Princ & Prac
Creative Arts Major Intermediate
CA-300Creativity and Careers4
CA-399Formal Introduction to Advanced Work1
INTERN-383Internship Seminar2
Creative Arts Tracks/Focus Areas
Choose two 11-12 credit tracks for your areas of focus:22-24
Creative Writing
Introduction to Creative Writing
Creative Writing II
From Printout to Publication
Fiction Into Film
Great Films
Film Around the World
The Art of Creative Video
Media Design
Graphic Designs & Illustration
Digital Art for MDIA Majors
Content Development Media Design
New Media
Intro to the Arts: Music Focus
Improvisational Music
Music Technology
Alverno College Choir
Group Piano 1
Fundamentals of Voice & Movement
Improvisation:creative Approach Perform
Fundmtls of Acting On-Stage and Off
Selected Topics in Theatre
Introduction to Directing
Fundamentals of Voice & Movement
Contemporary Dance Technique 2
Ballet Technique 2
Contemp Dance-Amer:Movement & Meaning
Dance Composition and Performance 1
Visual Art
A-121Analytic Drawing3
or A-134 2-D Design
or A-122 Expressive Drawing
or A-221 Beginning Figure Drawing
or A-262A Graphic Designs& Illustratn-Non Art Maj
or A-234 3-D Design
AHS-210Ancient to Byzantine Art (or various Art Workshops)2
or AHS-311 Art Topics:
or AHS-409 Modern & Contemporary Art
or AHS-250 Asian Art
Select two studio electives from:
Painting for Non Majors
Ceramics for Non-Art Majors
Sculpture for Non-Art Majors
Beginning Fibers for Non-Art Majors
Digital Photography for Non-Art Maj
Metalwork for Non-Art Majors
Enameling/Glass Forming/Non-Art Maj

This major does not require a minor and follows the general education requirements for standard majors-not science related.