Social Studies/ History & Secondary Education (major)

Social Studies/ History Major- Beginning
GLS-200Introduction to Global Studies3
MGT-210Economic Environment3
Social Studies/ History Major- Intermediate
BSC-255Behavioral Science Research Methods4
HS-250Ancient World Cultures & Civilizations4
or HS-251 Making of the Modern World
HS-308US History 1607-1900 14
or HS-309 US in 20th Century
POL-225American Politics4
HS-399Formal Introduction to Advanced Work0
Social Studies/ History Major- Advanced
HUM-351Chinese Civilization & Cultures4
or HUM-352 South Asia Civilization
or HUM-353 Latin American Civilizations
or HUM-355 Japan: Studies in Civilizations& Culture
or HUM-358 Middle Eastern Civilization
GLS-370World Geography: People, Places & Change3
HS-355Critical Perspectiv on the American Past4
HS-375Historical Analysis4
HS-451Crit Prsp/Early Modern World, 1350-17504
SSC-101Introduction to Social Science4
POL-330United Nations & the World4
or POL-410 Comparative Politics
Secondary Education Major- Beginning
ED-116Human Relations Workshop3
ED-201SExploration Tchg, Lrng & Assess-SED4
PED-150Human Development4
or PSY-110 Life Span Development
Secondary Education Major- Intermediate
ED-220Interview Assessment0
ED-321Middle School Teaching & Field4
ED-396Introduction to Exceptional Learner3
ED-399Formal Introduction to Advanced Work0
HS-308US History 1607-1900 14
or HS-309 US in 20th Century
Secondary Education Major- Advanced
ED-315SImmersion in Tchg, Learng & Assess-SED4
PST-329Praxis II Prep Seminar0
ED-420Portfolio/Interview Assessment0
Directed Observation Teaching High Sch
and Directed Observ/Teaching Middle Sch
ED-477Tchg Science/Middle-Secondary Schl4
Total Credits91