Health Education (major)

Collaborating with community leaders on a health coalition, delivering a presentation on drug use, educating people about health via social media, working on proposed legislation. As a health educator, your workday could include all that and more as you use your knowledge and passion for wellness to help entire communities live healthier lives.
As more businesses, organizations and communities focus on wellness and prevention, skilled health educators are sought after and in high demand.

The versatile Health Education major is a great choice if you’re a strong, creative communicator and collaborator and want to use your skills to improve health. It’s the only program of its kind in Milwaukee, and you are guaranteed an internship before you graduate.

Become a leader

Working as a health educator involves more than just giving a compelling presentation or providing health coaching. Today’s health educators are also engaged in policy work, leading coalitions of community stakeholders to make real social change. You’ll feel good about your work knowing that you’re a trusted community resource who is making a difference.

Internships for the Health Education major

Because Alverno is based in Wisconsin’s biggest city, you’ll have easy access to many potential internship and job sites, including local health departments (more than a dozen in Milwaukee County alone), major corporations, health-related nonprofit organizations such as the American Cancer Society and Arthritis Foundation, hospitals and health care organizations, senior living communities, and more. Alverno’s Internship Office, which is connected to more than 2,000 partner sites, can help you find the right opportunity to advance your personal and professional goals.

How you can use your degree

Many people think of health educators working directly in health care, but your Health Education degree can take you so many places — from government posts to wellness programs at Fortune 500 companies and college campuses to positions in the nonprofit sector. It’s also excellent preparation for graduate work in public health, nursing, medicine, adult education or leadership

The skills you need to succeed

Whatever the challenge, Alverno’s abilities-based curriculum will give you an edge because you’ll have mastered skills such as communication, analysis, teamwork and problem solving — skills that will help you stand out and lead. Our curriculum will also prepare you to sit for the Certified Health Education Specialist examination, a national credential preferred by many employers.

Get connected

Although the Health Education major is new, Alverno’s Nursing and Education programs have long traditions of excellence and deep connections in the community. Those connections will help when it’s time to look for an internship or job. You may also choose to get involved with faculty research, attend a professional public health conference or join a health-related student organization.

A campus committed to wellness

Alverno takes wellness seriously — so seriously, in fact, that The Daily Beast and Cosmopolitan ranked us as one of the healthiest colleges in the nation (we were also the first campus in Wisconsin to go completely tobacco-free). You’ll find regular fitness and wellness classes and programs, on-site wellness coaching, and many other campus resources. This makes Alverno a terrific place to live and practice wellness, as well as study it.

Health Education Major Beginning
Foundations of Biology
and Foundations of Biology Lab
HED-201Role of the Health Educator4
Chemistry of Bioorganic Molecules
and Chemistry of Bioorganic Molecules Lab
HED-210Foundations Health Ed & Health Behavior4
Human Anatomy & Physiology
and Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab
RL-252Medical Ethics4
or PL-252 Medical Ethics
POL-225American Politics4
Health Education Major Intermediate
BSC-255Behavioral Science Research Methods4
BSC-257Statistics for Health Professionals4
HED-310Health Policy and Advocacy2
BI-338Physiological Mechanisms Disease4
CLD-338Program Evaluation3
INTERN-383Internship Seminar2
HED-399Formal Intro to Advanced Work0
Health Education Major Advanced
HED-320Assessment of Population Health3
HED-330Contemporary Health Issues4
PSY-335Psychology of the Adult Learner3-4
or AED-354 Adult Ed HR Principles& Philosophy Trng
CLD-437Fundraising & Grantwriting:Princ & Prac3
HED-401Transitions to Professional Role2
HED-483Advanced Internship2