History (Major)

To study history is to ask important questions about how our past influences who we are today. At Alverno, we teach history as a way of knowing, a way of thinking about and encountering the world. We believe this is best accomplished when our students experience a wide variety of historical times and regions, including the histories of the United States, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Gender, and Native Peoples from ancient to modern times.

As a student of history you will participate in lively classroom discussions with fellow students and engage in hands-on work with documents, ideas, and artifacts of the past. And as you progress in the program you will have a chance to put your learning to practice with an off-campus experience at one of the hundreds of internship opportunities available to you. Whether you want to teach, go on to graduate school, or step into one of the many private and public jobs available to history graduates, learning about the past will help you prepare for the future. As you explore our Web pages you will see some of our students “doing history.” We hope you will join them.

History Major Beginning
Take one of the following:
Studies in US Culture & Society
or HS-212
Studies in European Culture & Society
or HS-213
U S. Women's Rights & Lives
Ideology and Creativity
or HS-312
Native American Experience
Ancient World Cultures & Civilizations
or HS-251
Making of the Modern World
History Major Intermediate
HS-308US History 1607-19004
or HS-309 US in 20th Century
HS-399Formal Introduction to Advanced Work0
Take an HUM-350 series course from the following:
Chinese Civilization & Cultures
South Asia Civilization
Latin American Civilizations
Japan: Studies in Civilizations& Culture
Latin American Civilizations-In Spanish
The Two Koreas
Middle Eastern Civilization
Senior Humanities Seminar
HS-355Critical Perspectiv on the American Past (offered on a 3 semester rotating basis)4
Take one upper level humanities course (320 and above) from subjects EN, HS, HUM, PL, RL, SLC
HS-375Historical Analysis4
HS-451Crit Prsp/Early Modern World, 1350-17504
INTERN-383Internship Seminar2
Take one of the following:4
Topics in American History
Topics in European History
Topics in World History
Independent Research