History (minor)

What you will study

As a student of history at Alverno College, you learn that history is not just a matter of learning a set of facts about the past. Instead, you come to understand how historians and students of history take various kinds of evidence about how people once lived and create meaningful interpretations of the past that are relevant to life today. By seeing how people in the past made choices that impact us today, you better understand how your choices contribute to change, now and in the future.

By studying history in its relationship to the other humanities, you explore the connections among people, ideas, works of art, and customs from many different cultures and eras of human history. You identify enduring questions about human value and meaning as you respond to ideas, events, and creative expressions of human experience. The links you make between your own and others’ lives lead you to a deeper consideration of what it means to be human.

At the same time, the study of history encourages you to raise critical questions about the universality of human experiences. You examine the behavior, ideas, and creative expressions of people within the specific contexts of different times and different societies. You practice suspending judgments of people from the past according to contemporary standards and instead try to understand their behavior in terms of their own underlying assumptions about life.

By undertaking the study of history in this way, you begin to search for more complex explanations of human differences and for the common humanity that can bridge those differences.

History Support Beginning
Take 4 credits from one of the following groups: 14
Group 1:
Studies in US Culture & Society
Studies in European Culture & Society
U S. Women's Rights & Lives
Group 2:
Ideology and Creativity
Native American Experience
Group 3:
Ancient World Cultures & Civilizations
or HS-251
Making of the Modern World
History Support Intermediate
HS-308US History 1607-19004
or HS-309 US in 20th Century
History Support Advanced
Take one of the following:4
Chinese Civilization & Cultures
South Asia Civilization
Latin American Civilizations
Japan: Studies in Civilizations& Culture
The Two Koreas
Middle Eastern Civilization
Take one of the following:4
Historical Analysis
Critical Perspectiv on the American Past
Crit Prsp/Early Modern World, 1350-1750
Total Credits16

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