Religious Studies (minor)

What you will study

As a religious studies student, you study religious tradition and issues in contemporary theology. You also engage in the processes of examining your own value and belief systems, of articulating your understanding of the nature of religious experience in relation to other dimensions of human experience, and of analyzing artistic and literary religious works and making judgments regarding their moral and ethical meaning and significance.

You examine world religious traditions for their historical significance as well as for their implications for the religious beliefs, practices, and institutions of contemporary life. You develop the ability to make clear and to affirm the content of your own faith. You use the data of theology and of relevant scientific and humanistic disciplines to address religious issues.

By a continuous process of identifying and refining religious questions for investigation, and of using carefully designed approaches to solving problems and making decisions in collaboration with others, you achieve the abilities essential for theological inquiry.

Your coursework is enhanced by an internship component and independent research best suited to your professional and personal objectives.

Religious Studies Support Beginning/Intermediate
Complete one of the following options4
Option 1 (take one course from each subgroup)4
Control of Life & Death
or RL-213
Spirituality in Action
or RL-214
Images of Jesus: Past & Present
Religious Experience/Myth & Symbol
or RL-311
Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke
or RL-313
Moral Theology
Option 2 (one course)4
Judaism, Christianity, Islam
or RL-251
Asian Religions
or RL-252
Medical Ethics
Religious Studies Support Advanced
HUM-350 Series:
Take one from the following:4
Chinese Civilization & Cultures
South Asia Civilization
Latin American Civilizations
Japan: Studies in Civilizations& Culture
The Two Koreas
Middle Eastern Civilization
RL-350Biblical World View4
RL-375Religion in America4

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