Options Following the Bachelor’s Degree

Alverno offers programs of study in several areas for women and men who have completed their bachelor’s degrees but do not wish to pursue a graduate degree.

These programs are designed for individuals who seek to develop new knowledge and skills to meet the changing needs of the workplace, to expand their career opportunities, and to build on experience to increase their effectiveness in a specific area of study.

All courses in Alverno’s postbaccalaureate programs are taken with the College’s regular undergraduate students. The same attendance, class involvement, and work completion policies apply to postbaccalaureate programs as to undergraduate programs.

To help you determine which of the following options may be best for you, it is recommended that you schedule an individual appointment with a counselor in the Admissions Office (414-382-6100) to discuss your long-term goals.

Second Bachelor’s Degree Programs
(Open to Women)

Women who already hold a bachelor’s degree from Alverno College or from any other college are eligible to earn a second bachelor’s degree from Alverno. This option offers a more in-depth course of study than a major equivalency.

A student might choose a second degree as opposed to a major equivalency for the following reasons:

  • For most major equivalencies, a student is not eligible for financial aid, including loans.
  • Some employers do not reimburse tuition for major equivalency courses but do reimburse tuition for courses leading to a second bachelor’s degree.
  • For promotion purposes, some employers do not recognize a major equivalency but do recognize a second bachelor’s degree.

Timeframes available to second-degree students match regular undergraduate timeframes.

All second-degree tuition is at regular Alverno tuition rates for the timeframe in which the student is enrolled. Students may apply for financial aid in the form of a student loan; no grants are awarded by the government for students who already hold a bachelor’s degree.

An evaluation of the student’s prior coursework is done for general education and major area requirements.

Requirements for a Second Degree

  • Students who did not graduate from Alverno, or who graduated from Alverno before implementation of the ability-based curriculum:
    • complete a minimum of 30 credits at Alverno (the 30 credits include courses in the major)
    • demonstrate four developmental levels in each of Alverno’s eight abilities (communication, analysis, problem solving, valuing in decision making, social interaction, developing a global perspective, effective citizenship, and aesthetic engagement), equaling 32 ability-level units; they also complete 8 advanced ability-level units in their major, thereby fulfilling the 40-unit requirement for a baccalaureate degree
    • LA-230 or equivalent substitutes
    • complete courses needed for the major area of concentration
    • do not declare a minor
    • may pursue credit for prior learning assessment opportunities.
  • Students who graduated from Alverno and have already demonstrated 40 ability units:
    • complete a minimum of 20 credits at Alverno (the 20 credits include courses in the major)
    • complete courses needed for the major area of concentration
    • demonstrate the advanced-level outcomes of the major
    • do not declare a minor
    • may pursue credit for prior learning assessment opportunities.

Postbaccalaureate Licensure (Weekday)
Licensure to Master of Arts in Education (Weekend)
(Open to Women and Men)

Alverno offers a range of licensure programs for college graduates seeking teaching licensure and for teachers who want to upgrade their skills, renew licensure, or extend it to new areas. Licensure programs include early/middle childhood, middle childhood/early adolescence, early adolescence/adolescence education, and special education, as well as art education (PK-12).

Alverno offers a wide range of options in student teaching in public and private schools throughout the area. Some teachers qualify for on-the-job student teaching.

Before you enroll, the School of Education reviews your previous coursework and matches it to current state licensure requirements. A program is then designed expressly for you to meet unfulfilled requirements.

Please call the Graduate and Adult Admissions Office at 414-382-6100 for more information.