Master of Arts/Music & Liturgy (MAML)

Bringing Liturgy to Life

Choirs, ensembles, cantors and instrumentalists have significant roles in liturgical celebration, but their principal responsibility is to encourage and enable the full, conscious and active participation of the assembly of believers.

In order to serve parish communities well, music ministry leaders must have multiple musical skills, expertise in liturgy and planning, and the pastoral sensibilities necessary to navigate the rubrics, relationships and realities of parish liturgy. The goal of the Master of Arts in Music and Liturgy (MAML) is to help students develop, deepen and integrate a broad range of skills necessary for effective parish ministry in a culturally diverse church.

For 130 years, Alverno College has been dedicated to the education of women, preparing them for lives of personal and professional distinction and meaningful engagement with the world. Alverno extends this mission to men as well, through graduate and adult classes. We are a Catholic, liberal arts college with a curriculum so unique, educators from around the world come to Alverno to learn how we teach. Alverno’s abilities-based approach to learning ensures our graduates will learn more in class and retain knowledge longer. Students do not receive traditional grades, rather, they are assessed by faculty, community assessors, peers and themselves. Our small class sizes ensure students receive uncommon access to faculty. With an average student to teacher ratio of 10:1, you are guaranteed an individualized learning experience.

MAML-600Orient to MA Music & Liturgy0
MAML-605Ecclesial Renew & Liturgical Reform2
MAML-610Ritual, Music, Planning & Celebration2
MAML-615Dev & Practice of Congregational Song2
MAML-620Seasons, Saints, Hours, Calendars2
MAML-625Celebrate the Eucharist & Sacraments2
MAML-630Liturgy & Music in Cultur Diverse Church2
MAML-635Accompanist As Ldr/Congregational Song1
MAML-636Training Psalmists & Cantors1
MAML-710Capstone Ritual Event1
MAML-720Theology of Music Ministry & Comp Review1
Additional Supporting Requirements
MAML-640Condctng Volunteer Choirs & Ensembles2
MAML-645Compsng & Arrng/Pastroral Musicians2
MAML-650Liturgical Music As Pastoral Care1
MAML-655Music Ministry Management1
LESSONSTake 3 music lessons from MAML-660, MAML-661, MAML-662, MAML-663, MAML-664, MAML-665, MAML-6661.5
ENSEMBLESTake MAML-670 a total of 3 times1.5
PERFORMANCETake 2 performance courses from MAML-675, MAML-676, MAML-677, MAML-6782
ELECTIVESTake 3 courses from MAML-680, MAML-681, MAML-682, MAML-683, MAML-684, MAML-685, MAML-686, MAML-6903
ELECTIVESTake 3 music electives from MAML-691, MAML-692, MAML-693, MAML-694, MAML-695, MAML 696, MAML-697, MAML-6993