Director of Instruction License (DPI #10, MDI)

Are you an experienced teacher who envisions moving into a school leadership position? Would you like to hone your problem-solving and big-picture skills? This program will lead to a license in Instructional Leadership/ Director of Instruction (DPI #10).

  • Program open to men and women
  • All previous graduate credits considered for transfer
  • Tuition discounts available to licensed teachers
  • Classes meet evenings or every other weekend
  • Complete program in two years
  • Real-life assignments allow you to integrate theory into practice
Beginning Requirements
TLA-641Learning Organization & Social Change3
DI-665Educat in Democracy: Equity& Diversity3
DI-666Leadership/School & Community Engagment3
Intermediate Requirements
DI-645Mentoring: Strength Professionl Practice3
DI-667Frameworks for Curriculum Development3
DI-668Frameworks for Assessment Practice3
DI-671Legal Aspects of Administration3
DI-672Finance, Facility & HR Management3
Advanced Requirements
DI-750Portfolio Prep: Dir of Instruction0
DI-751Dir of Instruction Practicum 12
DI-752Dir of Instruction Practicum 22
DI-754Exit Portfolio: Dir of Instruction0
Total Credits28