Psychology; Pre-Counseling (PPC) major

Are you fascinated by what makes people tick? If so, you’ll study the science of how we think, feel and behave.

The broad scope of the program, paired with our unique training in careful analysis, will prepare you for community health, organizational consulting, academic research and/or clinical practice.

Best of all, you’ll be ready to make a positive impact on each individual you meet, on your community, and your world.

Beginning Requirements
PSY-110Life Span Development4
PPS-229Career & Internship Planning1
Intermediate Requirements
BSC-255Behavioral Science Research Methods4
PSY-250Abnormal Psychology4
BSC-256Probability & Statistics4
PSY-301Analytic Reading in Psychology4
PSY-302Classic & Contemporary Psychology Theory4
PSY-399Formal Introduction to Advanced Work0
PSY ElectivePsychology (PSY) Elective8
Advanced Requirements
PSY-350Experimental Psychology4
INTERN-383Internship Seminar2
PSY-483Advanced Internship Seminar (or PSY-497 or other PSY elective)2
PSY-491Senior Seminar2
PSY-500Foundations/Comm Psychology & Counseling4
PSY-511Human Development in Community Contexts4
PSY-520Helping Rel: Prevention, Intervnt & Syst4
PSY-525Clin Mntl Hlth Cnsl: Diagnosis& Treatmnt4
PSY-527Culturally Engaged Counseling4
PSY-540Trauma Counseling4

The Academic Map below should be used for planning purposes only.  All official graduation requirements are listed on a student's Academic Evaluation.  Course Sequence is subject to change. All students must complete a minimum of 120 credits to earn a Bachelors Degree.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
ILA-100 Introduction to the Liberal Arts @ Alverno 0
FSS 100 LevelAny FSS-125 First Semester Seminar (FSS) topic from 2
CM-120 Communication Seminar 1 4
PSY-110 Life Span Development 4
AC-151 Initial Social Interaction Assessment 0
QL-122 Quantitative Literacy in Modern World 4
BSC-215 Working in Diverse Groups 2
BSC-255 Behavioral Science Research Methods 4
HUM 100 LevelAny HUM-150 Intro to the Humanities (HUM) topic from 4
Human Biology
and Human Biology Lab
QL-156 Mathematical Connections 3
ADV-299 Intermediate Level Event 0
Second Year
CM-125 Communication Seminar 2 3
BSC-256 Probability & Statistics 4
PSY-250 Abnormal Psychology 4
HFA 250 ElectiveAny HFA-250 Humanities and Fine Arts (HFA) elective 4
PSY ElectivePsychology (PSY) Elective 2
PSY-301 Analytic Reading in Psychology 4
PSY-302 Classic & Contemporary Psychology Theory 4
PPS-229 Career & Internship Planning 1
PSY-399 Formal Introduction to Advanced Work 0
CM-225 Communication Seminar 3 3
Third Year
INTERN-383 Internship Seminar 2
FA 100 LevelAny FA-100 Intro to the Arts (FA) from 4
PSY-350 Experimental Psychology 4
PSY ElectivePsychology (PSY) Elective 4
GEC 300 LevelAny GEC-300 Globally Effective Citizenship (GEC) topic from 3
PSY-491 Senior Seminar 2
PSY-483 Advanced Internship Seminar (or PSY-497 or another PSY elective) 2
PSY ElectivePsychology (PSY) Elective 2
Fourth Year
PSY-500 Foundations/Comm Psychology & Counseling 4
PSY-511 Human Development in Community Contexts 4
PSY-520 Helping Rel: Prevention, Intervnt & Syst 4
PSY-525 Clin Mntl Hlth Cnsl: Diagnosis& Treatmnt 4
PSY-527 Culturally Engaged Counseling 4
PSY-540 Trauma Counseling 4
 Total Credits107