Adaptive Art Education Certificate

This Adaptive Art Education Certificate with Licensure (859) program will prepare art teachers to teach students with exceptional needs so the students can experience art in a way that is engaging and socially, emotionally, developmentally, and physically accessible. The teacher will develop a solid understanding of the foundations of special education, characteristics of learners, and effective strategies for planning, adapting, diagnosing, and assessing students with exceptional needs.  This program will give current art educators with a Wisconsin 550 license the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to teach students with different learning needs effectively, creatively, and compassionately, in the K-12 art education setting.

PSY-250Abnormal Psychology4
AE-285Art Therapy3
ED-368Working With Diverse Populations4
AE-386Media & Methods in Art Therapy3
AE-387Adaptive Field Experience1
AE-481Directed Observ/Teaching in Art Therapy6
A-492Expressive Arts Seminar3
Total Credits24