Alverno Administration

The College’s administrative staff members serve the people who serve the students. When the faculty creates new ways of learning, administrators reshape the systems to support faculty and those new ways of learning.

Doing that job requires a new breed of academic manager. Administrators at Alverno are state-of-the-art managers, coordinating ongoing institutional change on behalf of the learner.

In the Educational Research and Evaluation department, for example, intensive long-term studies of students and alumnae provide unprecedented measures of the College’s effectiveness as an institution.

Alverno administrators and staff members also work as “silent partners” with the faculty. They make a point of encouraging students, in the library or in the Financial Aid Office or at the reception desk, to take the initiative and solve their problems directly. And because they are mostly women, Alverno’s managers provide a rich range of role models for college women.

Andrea J. Lee, IHM

Jeana Abromeit, PhD
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Kathy Lake, PhD
Acting Vice President for Student Success

Kate Lundeen, MPP
Vice President for Enrollment Services

James K. Oppermann, MBA
Senior Vice President for Finance and Management Services

Julie Quinlan Brame, MM
Vice President for College Advancement

Academic Services
Marlene Neises, MEd,
Associate Vice President
Assistant to the President for Special Projects

Advising Office
Kate Tisch, MS, Director

Alumnae Relations
Kim Muench, Director of Alumnae Engagement

Alverno College Institute for Educational Outreach
Judith Reisetter Hart, MS, Director

Assessment Center
Patti Miller, MA, Director

Jessica Ott, Director

Campus Ministry
Connie Popp, EdD,
Campus Minister

Career Education
Joanna Patterson, MS, Director

Counseling and Health Services
Meg Pledl, MS, Director

Dining Services
Lorrie Wanty, Director

Early Learning Center
Barbara Groshek, Coordinator

Human Resources
Mary Casey, Director

Information Services
Cindy Kreuzer, Manager

Information Systems
Jim Hilby, MS,
Chief Information Officer

Instructional Services
Nancy Bornstein, MS, Director

Internship Office
Sue Leister, MA, Director

Larry Duerr, MLIS, MA, Director

Marketing Communications
Becky Dubin Jenkins, Interim Director

Media Hub
Jerry Dutscheck, MS, Director

Plant Operations
John Marks, Director

Professional Support Services
Donna Kierzek, Director

Registrar’s Office
Patricia Hartmann, MS, Registrar

Research Center for Women and Girls
Jill Desmond, Interim Executive Director

Residence Life
Ann Romei, Director

Student Activities & Leadership
Brooke Wegner, MA Director

Student Affairs
Wendy Powers, PhD, Associate
Vice President for Student Affairs/
Dean of Students

Technology Services
Anita Eikens, MA, Executive Director