Alverno Leadership (ACCEL) - Degree Completion

Offered through Alverno’s School of Adult Learning and New Initiatives, the Accelerate Leadership major is your opportunity to define, refocus or transform your career. With an affordable and flexible path, you can earn your bachelor’s degree in leadership in three years or less in this online asynchronous program. And Alverno Accelerate accepts your past credits to the greatest extent possible, so you can focus on where you want to go next. For more information, visit the Alverno Accelerate website. Current Alverno undergraduates interested in the Accelerate program should contact the Advising Office.

Beginning Requirements
ACCEL-101Student Resources0
Introductory ELMSTake ACCEL-201 and ACCEL-2028
OUTCOME 1Take ACCEL-210 or ACCEL-2114
OUTCOME 2Take ACCEL-220 or ACCEL-2214
OUTCOME 3Take ACCEL-230 or ACCEL-2314
OUTCOME 4Take ACCEL-240 or ACCEL-2414
OUTCOME 5Take ACCEL-250 or ACCEL-2514
ELMsTake Two additional ELMs form the Outcome groups above8
ACCEL-290Beginning Capstone Assessment4
Intermediate Requirements
ACCEL-300Getting Things Done2
ACCEL-301Investigating Community Issues4
OUTCOME 1Take ACCEL-310 and ACCEL-310L4
OUTCOME 2Take ACCEL-320 and ACCEL-320L4
OUTCOME 4Take ACCEL-340 and ACCEL-340L4
OUTCOME 5Take ACCEL-350 and ACCEL-350L4
ACCEL-315Researching an Issue4
ACCEL-390Intermediate Capstone Assessment4
Advanced Requirements
ACCEL-401Investigating Your Future4
LEADERSHIPTake Leadership Initiative ELMs: ACCEL-410, ACCEL-420, ACCEL-425, ACCEL-430, ACCEL-45010
ADV LEADERSHIPTake Advanced Leadership ELMs: ACCEL-411, ACCEL-431, ACCEL-4516
2ND LEADERSHIPTake Second Leadership Initiative ELMs: ACCEL-421, ACCEL-4356
ADV ELMsTake Advanced Level ELMs: ACCEL-460, ACCEL-461, ACCEL-462, ACCEL-463, ACCEL-464, ACCEL-44010
ACCEL-490Advanced Capstone Assessment4