Nursing (N) - Degree Completion

Alverno’s outcome-oriented curriculum is known nationally and internationally for focusing on you, the student. As part of our approach to learning, students learn the essential knowledge within each course subject while also developing the actual skills needed by nurses not just of today, but also tomorrow.

Open to women and men, Alverno’s RN to BSN program is personalized and flexible, providing all of the essentials: academic growth, positive cohort support and work-life balance.

In just 12 months, you can earn your bachelor’s degree in Nursing (BSN) from one of the most respected nursing schools in Wisconsin.

Why a BSN?

At a time when more employers are requiring a BSN, this is your chance to stay one step ahead of industry demands. In fact, the Future of Nursing report published by the Institute of Medicine set a bold goal of 80% of nurses having a BSN degree by the year 2020. A BSN also paves the way for advanced degrees and future growth in your career.

Program requirements

  • Associate degree in Nursing
  • Unencumbered RN license

Convenient class schedule

The program meets online – ensuring you’re able to balance work, family and an otherwise busy schedule. Courses last eight weeks.

LA-301Introduction to Alverno Degree Cmpletion0
LA-310Finding Meaning in Professional Practice4
N-476Professional Ldrshp Policy, Pract & Sys4
LA-320Art, Culture & Ethics4
N-366Nrsg Proc W/Individ, Family & Community4
BSC-257CProbability & Statistics for RN to BSN4
LA-330Sustainablty& Technology in Changng Wrld4
N-480Professional Nursing Portfolio0
N-465CNursing & Research3
LA-340Informed Decision-Makg/Complex Societies4
N-456Nurs Theory & Practice W/Vulnerable Pop4
Total Credits35