Masters of Community Psychology: Licensed Professional Counselor

An Engaging and Challenging Curriculum

The MSCP curriculum provides an in-depth approach to the study of psychology and counseling within the context of community. All students take both required and elective courses. Throughout the program, students learn the foundations of both community psychology and community counseling. They learn about human development, group behavior, and cultural engagement in counseling. They further explore many areas of counseling, taking courses that teach skills with groups, couples, and families, as well as courses that teach about trauma, substance abuse, and possible career issues. Students learn how to systematically inquire into relevant counseling practice and to conduct assessments that lead to accurate diagnosis and treatment plans. And they “try on” their skills throughout the program — at first through service learning experiences and later through practicum and internship experiences.

A Design That Addresses The Needs of Many

Some may decide to enter this program immediately after graduation from college. Others may come to this program as a working professional, ready to take the next step in their education. This curriculum is designed to meet the needs of either individual. Classes are generally scheduled on Friday evenings and on Saturdays in our weekend schedule, which typically meets every other weekend. Some courses may be offered on weeknights (every other week). In the summer, courses are often offered one evening a week for an eight-week period beginning in late May or early June and ending by mid-July.

MCP-600Foundations/Comm Psychology & Counseling3
MCP-611Human Development in Community Contexts3
MCP-620Helping Rel: Prevention, Intervnt & Syst3
MCP-625Clin Mntl Hlth Cnsl: Diagnosis& Treatmnt3
MCP-627Culturally Engaged Counseling3
MCP-640Trauma Counseling3
MCP-645Couples, Partners & Family Counseling3
MCP-651Research, Evaluation & Statistics Method3
MCP-655Group Dynamics Processing & Counseling3
MCP-660Individual Appraisal, Assmnt& Measuremnt3
MCP-671Substance Abuse Counseling3
MCP-680Counseling Theory: Ind, Group & Family3
MCP-682Adv Counslng Thry: Evidence Based Pract3
MCP-685Lifestyle & Career Development3
MCP-688Professional Ethics & Legal Issues3
MCP-698Practicum/Internship Seminar0
MCP-699Supervised Practicum3
MCP-700Supervised Internship I3
MCP-720Supervised Internship II3
Take two from the following:6
Topics in Community Psych & Counseling
Physiological Psychopharmacology
Grant Writing
Advanced Trauma Counseling

Why a Master of Science in Community Psychology at Alverno College?

For many years Alverno College has provided psychology students with the depth and breadth of psychological skills to work actively and effectively in the Milwaukee community and beyond. Many of our graduates already work in both public and private agencies addressing a variety of mentalhealth needs, such as autism, mental illness, homelessness, developmental disabilities, child services, and elder adult care. Alverno graduates are working as alcohol and drug counselors, protective service workers, corrections workers, medical research assistants, community agency leaders, youth counselors, and grief counselors, as well as in the many other vocations committed to serving people’s mental health needs. For many, the Master of Science in Community Psychology (MSCP) is both a needed and welcome extension of our undergraduate programs. For those who are new to Alverno College, our attention to a holistic community counseling program that embraces both counseling and research skills, combined with our unique way of teaching, is a welcome enterprise.