Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (MSN)

MSN-600Orientation to MSN Program0
MSN-602Nursing Inquiry, Research & Scholarships3
MSN-603Health Care Sys: Org, Econ & Politics3
MSN-615Adv Practice Roles & Nursing Theories3
MSN-616Ethics for the Advanced Practice Nurse1
MSN-617Population-Based Health3
MSN-621Advanced Physiology & Pathophysiology3
MSN-622Advanced Health & Physical Assessment3
MSN-623Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics & Clinical Decision Making3
MSN-644Advanced Practice in Adult-Gero Primary Care 13
MSN-644PAdult-Gero Primary Care Practicum 12
MSN-645Advanced Practice in Adult-Gero Primary Care 23
MSN-645PAdult-Gero Primary Care Practicum 22
MSN-646Adv Practice in Adult Gero 3 Practicum3
MSN-646PAdv Practice Adult Gero 3 Practicum2
MSN-755Capstone 11
MSN-760Capstone 21