Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (AGNP)

The Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (AGPCNP) Program prepares students to provide advanced primary care to adults across the age continuum, from adolescent to frail elderly. Students in the AGPCNP program gain a strong background in advanced health assessment, differential diagnosis, interpretation of laboratory and imaging diagnostics, and therapeutics to maximize the health of their patients. Advanced health promotion, disease prevention, and high-quality, cost-effective management of episodic and chronic health problems are emphasized.  Students complete 39 credits in theory and clinical practicum courses, including 600 hours of supervised clinical practice in primary care settings. Upon graduation, students will be eligible to apply for national certification as an AGPCNP, and state-sanctioned prescriptive authority.

MSN-600Orientation to MSN Program0
MSN-602Nursing Inquiry, Research & Scholarships3
MSN-603Health Care Systems: Organization, Economies & Politics3
MSN-615Adv Practice Roles & Nursing Theories3
MSN-616Ethics for the Advanced Practice Nurse1
MSN-617Population-Based Health3
MSN-621Advanced Physiology & Pathophysiology3
MSN-622Advanced Health & Physical Assessment3
MSN-623Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics & Clinical Decision Making3
Advanced Primary Care Adult- Gerontology 1
and AGPCNP Pract 1
Advanced Primary Care in Adult- Gerontology 2
and AGPCNP Pract 2
Special Topics Advanced Practice Nursing Gerontology and Related Specialties
and AGPCNP Pract 3
MSN-755Capstone 11
MSN-760Capstone 21