Computer Center

As a student begins and progresses in her studies at Alverno College, she will want to use technology to support her learning.  She can do this with the support and resources available through the Alverno College Computer Center.   She can upload an assignment to the college learning management system, create a blog or a digital poster, check her email, update her ePortfolio, work collaboratively on a document or presentation with other group members, or participate in an online discussion with her classmates and instructor.

Located on the first floor of Alverno’s Sister Joel Read Center (RC), Alverno’s Computer Center is available for student use on average more than 100 hours per week during the semester. Computer Center hours are available online at the Technology Services website (available through and as a flyer in the Computer Center. The Computer Center houses more than 130 student-use computers and includes one large open-access lab, three computer classrooms, and four small- group workrooms. The classrooms and small-group workrooms may be reserved by faculty for class sessions, but are otherwise available to students as open-access rooms.  In addition to the Read Center facilities, an open access lab is also available in Christopher Hall, close to Christopher and Alexia Hall classrooms.

Student lab assistants provide support during Computer Center hours. They can help students connect their personal devices to Alverno Wi-Fi and Alverno email. They also help students access the many technology resources available to them, including online registration and progress reports, Office 365 email and calendaring, Google’s G Suite, and cloud storage.

Classes that use computers regularly throughout a semester can meet in one of ten self-contained computer classrooms with built-in projection/sound systems. There are also several computer clusters with specialized, subject-related software in schools and departments such as nursing, biology, and music, and in the Media Hub lab. The residence halls also have small computer labs that provide 24-hour computer access for resident students.

All classrooms have network and Internet connections, and wireless access. Most classrooms have built-in computer systems with projection, and Computer Center lab assistants deliver computer equipment to all other classrooms upon request. This equipment includes computers with projectors and remote mice, as well as wireless laptop computer and iPad carts.