Media Hub

The Media Hub, located on the first floor of the Sister Joel Read Center, functions as a media production and resource center for students. Whether a student needs to video-record a speech, laminate a poster, borrow a digital camera to take photographs for a computer presentation, check out a camcorder for a class project, or borrow a laptop or iPad, the Media Hub is there to assist.

The Media Hub houses a Digital Production Lab and a Mac lab. The Digital Production Lab is equipped with computers and a range of software (e.g., Photoshop, PowerPoint, InDesign) that students can use to create multimedia — including online — presentations. Several flat-bed document/photo/slide scanners and color printers are likewise available for student use. Also located in the lab are three soundproof production suites that students can use for voice recording. AIFR (Alverno Inferno Free Radio), the college’s Internet-based radio station, is located in the fourth production suite. The production suites are equipped with Macs and enable students to edit their videos of classroom presentations or other activities.

The Digital Production Lab also houses several video/audio digitizing stations. The stations consist of a computer, software, DVD/VCR, video monitor, and a video converter that allows the student to digitize analog video or audio presentations and upload them to LiveText, the students' electronic portfolio. The Media Hub staff also utilizes this space to provide instructors with digital resources for their online classes.

The Mac Lab houses Mac computers, an instructor’s console with a computer, VCR/DVD, ceiling projector, and control system. Students are able to produce video and graphic presentations on Macintosh computers. The Mac Lab also houses a large format (11x17") color printer. This lab also serves as a classroom for many art and tech related classes, but can be utilized by students as an open lab when not scheduled for class use.

Studio A is a full-size production studio complete with green screen and studio lighting. It is frequently used by staff & faculty for video productions, portrait photography and small groups for video-recording student presentations, discussions, or group assessments. The Studio can be used by students for video production and artwork photography, but reservations need to be made by students 1-2 weeks in advance.

Studio B is equipped with a table that seats a small group for video-recording student presentations, discussions, or group assessments. A computer and LCD projector housed in the studio can be used by students in presentations. Studio B is also home to a digital copy stand for archival book documentation.

In addition to maintaining and continuously upgrading its own facilities, the Media Hub oversees the creation and maintenance of “smart” classrooms across campus. Each of these classrooms includes video and computer projection with network connection.

The Media Hub’s facilities are available at no additional charge to students for course-related work. A friendly staff and cadre of student workers are available to provide assistance. Instruction in use of the equipment is likewise available for students — all you need to do is reserve time in advance.

For more information, stop in during open hours or call the Media Hub at 414-382-6170.