Academic Misconduct for Graduate Students

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Definitions Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct refers to any act(s) in which: a) a student seeks to claim credit for work conducted or authored by another individual as their own without approval or appropriate citation; b) a student fabricates or falsifies data or information or academic records of any kind; c) a student falsely represents her performance on academic work; and/or d) assists other students with any of these acts. Alverno College, through its courses and policies, will work to help students understand academic misconduct and the potential implications for engaging in any such acts. However, it is the responsibility of the student to know and understand these definitions and potential consequences as it pertains to academic misconduct in all of their courses.

Academic Misconduct Process

Graduate programs have a clearly defined academic misconduct appeals process in their graduate program handbooks. These processes provide any necessary, specific requirements related to academic misconduct and the graduate program of study. These might include definitions, defined process for consideration and appeal within their program. It is the responsibility of each student to know and understand what constitutes academic misconduct within their program of study, and to avoid any conduct that would be in violation of these expectations and standards. In the absence of an explicit policy, the graduate program will follow the stated academic misconduct process of the college found within the Alverno College Student Handbook: Academic Misconduct Process.