Living on Campus

The Residence Life staff strives to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for students living on campus. We challenge you to get connected and embrace the spirit of community.

Each wing/floor has a Community Advisor (CA) who is responsible for coordinating community meetings, hall programs, and enforcing residence hall policies. CAs also share evening duty to ensure their availability to assess the needs of the students and to ensure that the rights of all residents are respected.

The Austin Hall front desk is staffed from 9 A.M. to midnight seven days a week, except during breaks.  The Clare Hall front desk is staffed from 5 P.M. to midnight daily, except during breaks. Desk workers help residents by offering information, sorting and distributing mail, overseeing guest check-in/check-out, and loaning a wide variety of items. They also work closely with the CA on duty to maintain security and deal with emergency situations in the hall.

Questions can be directed to