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History:  Updated 2023

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As a residential community grounded in the values of the School Sisters of St Francis, we believe in and advocate for the justice of all in our local and global community. We expect the members of our community to act with integrity as they embrace and celebrate the diverse experiences and identities of community members. We expect that the members of our community respect their peers and create an environment that shows their respect for others.  

The words of writer Clarissa Pinkola Estes express the hope and expectation of our residential community to act with integrity, kindness and justice: 

“Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach. Any small, calm thing that one soul can do to help another soul, to assist some portion of this poor suffering world, will help immensely. It is not given to us to know which acts or by whom, will cause the critical mass to tip toward an enduring good. What is needed for dramatic change is an accumulation of acts, adding, adding to, adding more, continuing. We know that it does not take everyone on Earth to bring justice and peace, but only a small, determined group who will not give up during the first, second, or hundredth gale.” 

Every single member of our community should feel safe and valued, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, immigration or other status. There is not an easy or quick solution to this. However, we as the Alverno community are committed to step up and work toward an anti-racist and anti-violence agenda through action-oriented means. It is, after all, our mission to foster meaningful engagement with the world.  It is on all of us to work towards this change. It does not rest on the shoulders of our communities of color to do this work. As a residential community, we will work together to create an environment that expresses the Franciscan values of justice for all. 

The Department of Residence Life commits to continuing ongoing work and developing new methods for awareness of and education in the areas of racial and social justice. This will take the form of student staff training as well as hosting and advertising programs and events around this work. We expect that residents will take part in these events in a way that is respectful of others and meets the needs that they have for furthering their education in areas of justice. While we know we will not be able to cover every topic and every area of injustice, we hope to provide a well-rounded experience for all residents. 

Campus Housing Requirements

We believe that living on campus provides a supportive environment that will assist you in your successful integration into the Alverno College community. The following are policies for living on campus: 

  • Requirement to live on campus: Alverno College requires all Weekday College students entering the College within one year of their high school graduation, who are single with no dependents, to live on campus for their first two semesters, unless the student is living with parents or a legal guardian. 
  • Financial requirements: Students may not carry a balance from one semester to another. To occupy a room in the residence hall, balances must be paid in full. Occupancy and financial obligation to the College are in place for the entire academic year, or as long as you are enrolled. Rooms unclaimed by the end of the first week of class will be reassigned and you will forfeit your deposit. 
  • Full-time student requirement: Students must be regularly attending classes full time in order to live on campus. This means they must be registered for and regularly attending 12 or more credits as an undergraduate student (six or more credits as a graduate student) at all times during the semester. 

In addition, students must be making satisfactory academic progress toward their degree. A resident who is not meeting the above requirements must notify a residence life staff member immediately and must apply for an exception. (In applying for an exception, remember that priority is given to students who are full time.) 

To apply for an exception, the resident must write a letter to the Director of Residence Life. As a part of that exception process, an interview with a professional staff member may be required.  

The following information should be included in the letter requesting an exception: 

  • Why you are not attending classes full time. 
  • Which classes you are currently attending 
  • How you are spending your extra time that you might otherwise be in class (if you are working or involved in an internship, please note that and the approximate number of hours per week)
  • Why living on campus is important to you. 
  • Ways that you are involved in helping the residence hall be a positive place to live.
  • How living on campus will support your academic goals 

To be eligible to live in Clare Hall, students must: 

  • Be sophomore, junior, or senior standing, or 21 years of age (or have prior approval from the Director of  Residence Life). 
  • Be in good standing within the Residence Hall and be free of outstanding fines 
  • Abide by Residence Life Policies, including keeping room in good condition. If the student’s room is in poor condition during safety checks or during check-out, the student may lose the privilege of living in Clare Hall and will be moved to an available space in Austin Hall. 



By choosing to live on campus, every resident must acknowledge the risk that they take: 

By living in a group living environment, I acknowledge that I am at a greater risk of contracting a contagious illness. While high standards of cleanliness will be maintained by campus staff, there is no way to guarantee my health and safety in the residence halls. I agree to take all possible precautions to maintain my health and safety and assist in creating an environment that will encourage the health and safety of others.


College housing contracts are binding for the entire academic year. Release from the housing contract will only be granted under extenuating circumstances. You must complete the petition for release from the housing contract and return it to the Director of Residence Life. This action does not guarantee the release will be granted. If you need to request a release, contact a residence life professional staff member for the form. 


The Department of Residence Life, in consultation with the Alverno Incident Response Team, reserves the right to close the Residence Halls when there is an imposing health and safety risk to the community.  Residents will be notified of the closure via email. Messages regarding a closure should include: 

  • An explanation of the concern that is causing the closure of the building. 
  • A timeline for the closure of the building 
  • A method by which students can request to continue residence in the halls. 
  • A method through which students can ask questions regarding the closure of the halls. 


Room change requests will not be considered until after the second week of classes in each semester. No one is allowed to change rooms without following these guidelines and receiving approval from a Residence Life professional staff member. 

  • Make every effort to work things out with your current roommate. 
  • If you are unable to work things out, make an appointment with your CA to discuss the situation and review your roommate agreement. 
  • If a compromise cannot be reached, you and your roommate must meet with a professional member of the Residence Life staff to try and reach an agreeable compromise or room/roommate change.
  • If you are requesting a room change from a small single to a large single or a double to a single, confirm with Financial Aid and/or Student Accounts prior to meeting with the Residence Life staff. 
  • If a room change is granted, make an appointment with residence life professional staff to obtain your new room key agreement and return your old room and mailbox key. 
  • All room changes must be approved by the Residence Life professional staff member prior to moving. If a room change request is granted, you will have 48 hours to move your things out of your old room. 
  • Any move after the first move will result in a $50 room move fee. 
  • Failure to follow these procedures will result in an $50 improper move fee.


Residents are required to follow the following procedures at the beginning and end of each semester. 


1. If this is your first time living on campus, please complete the immunization form prior to move in.

2. Pick up keys (room and mailbox). 

3. Inform the CA within 48 hours of any room damages via email or written note. 

4. Make sure your meal plan has been activated on your ID card. 

5. If you plan to have a car on campus, pick up a parking permit from Campus Safety on or shortly after move-in day. Please display your permit for overnight parking on campus. Bring a copy of your registration to pick up your parking permit. 


All residents considering moving out of the hall must request and complete an appeal form in order to be considered for release from the Housing Contract. The process is as follows: 

1. Complete and submit a petition for release from your housing contract. The petition for release can be picked up from the Director of Residence Life.  

2. Receive approval from the Director of Residence Life to be released from your contract. 3. Set an appointment with your CA to check out of your room. At this time your belongings must be completely moved out and your room must be clean. Your CA will inspect the room for damages and cleanliness. Your CA will then collect your keys and parking permit.  

4. Failure to follow this procedure will result in a $50 improper checkout fee, and additional fees may be incurred based on the condition of the room. 


1. Complete tasks indicated on the checklist that is placed on your door. 

2. Students are asked to check out within 24 hours of their last assessment. If you have a reason for staying after your last assessment, complete the late stay form received via email from Residence Life. During this time, all residents are expected to abide by all residence hall policies. Students who violate the hall policies and have completed their assessments will be asked to leave the residence hall immediately. 

3. Student should sign up for a checkout time with the CA on their floor at least 24 hours before their checkout time. The CA will come to the student’s room at the requested time. 

4. At the time you meet with a CA, your belongings must be completely moved out and your room must be clean. The CA will inspect the room for damages and cleanliness. Once your room has been inspected, you must return all issued keys and if applicable, your parking pass at the Austin Hall key drop box.  

5. Failure to follow this procedure will result in a $50 improper checkout fee and possible loss of your deposit.


A student who studies abroad must make housing arrangements in writing either before departure or during the semester in order for a room to be reserved upon return. This is the student’s responsibility. 

Residence Life cannot be held responsible if a student does not make arrangements and then the halls become full. Also, if the student will be returning from a study abroad program before the end of the semester, the student must arrange for on-campus housing before returning to campus. Housing is not guaranteed. If space is available, the price will be pro-rated. 


Summer housing is available. To be eligible to live on campus during the summer, students must:

  • Be free of outstanding Student Account Office balances. 
  • Be in good standing within the residence hall. 
  • Be free of outstanding residence hall fines. 
  • Be a registered Alverno student for summer and/or fall classes and have fall housing contract completed. 

If these conditions do not apply to you, you may make a special request based on your circumstances.  Written requests should be submitted to the Director of Residence Life. The residence hall officially opens for summer occupancy the Monday following graduation. Occupancy at other times is at the discretion of the Residence Life staff and may incur additional fees. Visitation hours are limited during the summer. Any changes in regulations will be given in writing to all summer residents prior to the beginning of the summer session.


Occupancy does not include housing during scheduled college breaks. Any resident who wishes to stay in the residence halls during a break must submit a Break Housing Request Form and receive approval before the break starts. 

Students who have outstanding fines or are not in good standing in the residence halls are not eligible to stay on campus during the breaks. Also, any student on academic or behavioral probation will not be allowed to stay for breaks. Therefore, in these cases, any requests submitted will be denied. Any resident found in the building during the break who has not received approval to stay will be asked to leave the residence hall immediately and may be subject to additional disciplinary actions or a fine. Your meal card may be used during scheduled breaks when Dining Services facilities are open. Keep in mind that the food service hours and meal options may be limited. See Dining Services schedule posted outside of the Commons for mealtimes during breaks. Staying on campus during breaks is considered a privilege. Failure to respect the policies may lead to loss of housing for the remainder of the break or the year. 


The majority of our bed spaces on campus offer either a private or shared bedspace and require the use of community restrooms. There are a limited number of single rooms with restrooms that can be requested by transgender students wishing to live on campus in a slightly more private manner. Requests should be directed to the Director of Residence Life at ann.romei@alverno.edu. 

Students can expect to see their chosen name on their door decorations and communication from the Residence Life staff. We will also use a student’s chosen name in processing mail and completing rosters and floor plans. If the student will have a roommate for the year, only their chosen name will be shared with their roommate.


Fish are the only pets allowed in the residence halls. Tanks must be no larger than 10 gallons. 

Per Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Alverno College accommodates service animals,  which are limited to dogs and miniature horses, in all areas on campus, including the residence halls. Under  the auspices of the Federal Housing Act (FHA), Alverno will approve the placement of an emotional support  animal (ESA) in the residence halls for qualified students with disabilities when written documentation is  provided that there is a clear relationship between the disability and the service the animal provides.  

For further information on accommodations, contact Colleen Barnett, Student Accessibility Coordinator,  at colleen.barnett@alverno.edu or 414-382-6026. The determination of whether an emotional animal is  permitted in the residence halls is made through an interactive process involving the individual requesting  the accommodation and relevant campus personnel. 



Austin Hall and Clare Hall residents who connect their personal computers/devices to the Alverno College network are required to register your device to use Alverno’s Wi-Fi. Students are required to keep their operating systems (Windows, MacOS, android, iOs, etc) up to date and install critical updates as they become available. Devices must have antivirus/anti-malware software installed and definitions kept up to date.

Half of the rooms in Austin Hall and Clare Hall contain an access point for Alverno Wireless. In Austin Hall, the boxes are located on the desk. In Clare Hall, the boxes are located about one foot off the ground in a corner of the room. Please be aware of these boxes as you move around the space.   Damaging the boxes may disrupt the signal providing internet to your room and your neighbors.

* Please note that router systems are not allowed in resident rooms. Wireless internet is available throughout Austin and Clare Halls.

If you are having computer difficulties, you can contact the helpdesk at 414-382-6700 (24/7 off-site support) or the Computer Center front desk at 414-382-6336.  Check the Technology Services web page (alverno.edu/tech-services) for a listing of available services.

All individuals are to abide by the Technology Usage Policy.  Part of this policy includes information about illegal downloading. This means students are prohibited from illegally downloading movies, songs and various other media content. If you are unsure if a site supplies a legal process for this, please contact our Technology Services staff or Residence Life staff for more information.


Social media is designed to disseminate information through social interaction. Alverno College believes in interaction with others to achieve goals, resolve conflicts and build relationships. Social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and many others, allow faculty, staff and students to develop social interaction skills and to stay connected in their personal and professional lives. This policy has been created to ensure operation is in accordance with college policy and represents the College’s best interest. Faculty, staff and students are expected to act responsibly and to follow the same behavioral standards online as they do in real-life situations. Information and photos posted online are public information and inadvertent use of identifying information could be in violation of FERPA or HIPAA regulations. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to be prudent when posting information on social media sites. Alverno College does not routinely monitor online communities; however, pictures and information brought to the attention of the College describing or documenting behavior considered to be in violation of college policy, whether on campus or off campus at a college-sponsored event, will be subject to further investigation. Any College policies found to be in violation are documented as a result of the investigation and will result in appropriate disciplinary action.