Campus Advertising and Posting Policy

Approved by:  Public Areas Committee

History: Updated August 2014 | August 2021

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For Questions Contact:  Student Activities & Leadership | 414.382.6459 | FO 110 | 

Alverno has four general posting boards on campus: La Verna Commons Lobby in Founders Hall, on the second floor of Athletics & Fitness, on the second floor of Christopher Hall, and in the glass Clare/Corona lobby. 

Student Activities & Leadership is responsible for posting all event/dated materials and notifications in the designated posting areas e.g. academic fliers, campus resources and updates, travel classes/opportunities, volunteer opportunities, on/off campus events, rentals and sales.  Postings can be dropped off in the Student Activities & Leadership office (FO 110).   All materials for campus posting must be approved and stamped by Student Activities & Leadership and will be approved for up to four weeks prior to the advertised event.  Postings and/or banners without an approval stamp or located in undesignated areas will be removed and discarded.  The approval stamp is neither an endorsement of the activity or of the quality of the publicity.  The college is not responsible for damaged or destroyed postings. 

16 postings per event will be accepted in Student Activities & Leadership and that office will distribute them throughout campus.

  • One will be displayed in the designated area in the La Verna Commons Lobby

    • Accepting on and off campus events, job postings, volunteer opportunities

    • May be 8 ½” x 11” or 11” x 17” in size

  • One will be displayed in the Athletics & Fitness 2nd Floor Hallway

    • Accepting on and off campus events, job postings, volunteer opportunities

  • One will be displayed in the Alexia/Christopher 2nd floor ramp

    • Accepting on-campus event postings only

  • One will be displayed in the Clare/Corona Lobby

    • Accepting on-campus event postings only

  • Twelve will be distributed in the residence halls (8 ½” x11” only)

Posting materials must be error-free, legible and include the following:

  • Name of department or sponsoring group.

  • What, when, where, cost, how to register, and who to contact for more information.

  • A blank 1”x1” space in the lower right-hand corner for the Student Activities approval stamp.

  • Size:  For LaVerna Commons Lobby 8 ½” x 11” or 11”x17” will be accepted.  The other three general posting boards and the residence halls will only accept 8 ½” x 11”. Postings larger than this may not be accepted.

Content Guidelines:

Student Activities & Leadership reserves the right to refuse posting non-college related material that may be a conflict of interest or violate campus policies, criteria, or procedures.  Interpretation of content resides with Student Activities & Leadership.  The following are not permitted for college or non-college related material: 

  • Content that is threatening, harassing or invading the privacy of others.

  • Pornographic material, explicit implied vulgarity, or pictures or statements perceived as obscene, offensive or insensitive to any religious, ethnic, age or gender group.

  • Materials promoting, displaying or implying the use of alcohol or illegal substances.

Mailbox Distribution:

The college mailboxes may not be used for selling or soliciting without sponsorship by an office, department or registered student group. 

Residence hall mailboxes are subject to federal statutes and policies governing the mail.  Check with Residence Life, 414-382-6314, for specific regulations concerning mailings or postings for the residence halls. 

Table Reservation:

Tables can be reserved for one week in the La Verna Commons Lobby for displays connected to an upcoming event.  For example, if a student group or department wants to promote and recruit for the Heart Association Walk they could leave materials on the table for up to a week and staff the table with volunteers during peak traffic times.  To reserve a table in the La Verna Commons Lobby please submit an on-line request through EMS.  

Postings are NOT allowed in the following areas:

  • Chapel Lobby, Sister Joel Read Center, Alphonsa Hall, Alexia Hall, and Christopher Hall (with the exception of academic division bulletin boards).

  • Restrooms and elevators.

  • Doorways and windows.

  • Grounds, trees, shrubs, cars, snow.

  • Resident rooms and/or doors.

Display Signs:

Floor standing display signs (holding 22x28 posters) or banners created by Marketing (see picture below) may be used on the day of an event for check-in or directional purposes, but must be placed out of the flow of traffic. The following areas are approved areas for ONE standing display the day of the event.

  • Alphonsa Lobby

  • Alexia Lobbies (ground floor, 1st floor and 2nd floor)

  • The Loft

  • Clare/Corona Lobby

  • Chapel Lobby

  • Library Entrance


Chalking on campus grounds is prohibited, with the exception of recognized student organizations.  Student Organizations are allowed to chalk by Alexia Hall, Austin Hall, Clare Hall, and Christopher Hall only.  Chalking is not allowed on Reiman Plaza.  Requests to chalk on sidewalks around campus must receive approval from the Department of Student Activities and Leadership.