Items Not Permitted

Approved by:  Residence Life

History:  Updated 2023

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In order to ensure the safety of all residents, the following items are not allowed in residence hall rooms. Please note that this list is not exhaustive of all prohibited items. If you have a question about whether a certain item is allowed, please reach out to 

  •  Candles or incense (even if decorative) 
  •  Charcoal or lighter fluid 
  •  Firearms, including ammunition. 
  •  Sharp knives or other objects that could be considered weapons. 
  •  Halogen lamps 
  •  Live Christmas trees 
  •  Microwaves (except those supplied by the College) 
  •  Refrigerators (except those supplied by the College) 
  •  Space heaters or other auxiliary heating devices 
  •  Air conditioners/dehumidifiers 
  •  Hot plates, french fryers, toasters/toaster ovens (hot pots and closed-coil popcorn poppers are allowed) • Some common electrical appliances pose a safety hazard in confined spaces. If your appliance is rated over 6 amps (700 watts), has an exposed heating element (i.e., coils), or is not Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listed, it is not permitted in your room. 
  •  Pets (other than fish) 
  •  Grills (charcoal or gas) 
  •  Weapons 
  •  Tasers 
  •  Hover boards 
  •  Chew tobacco  
  •  Vape pens and/or CBD products.