Photos of Students

Approved by:  Student Development and Success

History: 2009 | 2011 | 2023

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During your time on campus at Alverno College your photo/video might be taken. If you knowingly allow your picture to be taken by staff, media or approved contracted photographer(s)/videographer(s) it will be considered permission for Alverno College to use that photo/video in any campus publication or web-based communication tools. All participants in photo/videos are considered volunteers and will not receive remuneration. Any photography/videography intended for use in advertising or promotions will be done with the expressed written consent of students featured.

Students who do not want their photo/video to be taken or to appear in any publication must tell the photographer at the time the photo/video is being taken. The photographer and Alverno will honor any such requests. If a student is concerned about a photo being used, the student should contact Marketing and Communications via email at The student identification card photo and identification card number is considered confidential and part of a student’s educational record. Use of the identification card photo and/or identification number will not be used for public display without the student’s permission.